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  1. Family dies in Mariposa county due to possible mineshaft gasses

    That’s basically what I was saying and immediately got labeled a conspiracy theorist.
  2. Family dies in Mariposa county due to possible mineshaft gasses

    Do you have any evidence other than what you have read?
  3. Family dies in Mariposa county due to possible mineshaft gasses

    It’s not a conspiracy. INVESTIGATOR EGO is a real thing. They’ve got to say something. If you want to believe it then gobble it down. I think in time other answers will come forward.
  4. Family dies in Mariposa county due to possible mineshaft gasses

    I don’t believe that for 1 second. 1 person maybe but not 3 people and a dog. How stupid do they think we are. I’d believe aliens before I believe that crap.
  5. Good deed for the year

    A old friend contacted me to look for an earring a guest lost at his pool party this weekend. I found it in about 20 minutes under his deck. He threw some Down Home sausage on the grill and we sat around and reminisced with a few cold drinks. Payment enough for me. The lady showed up to get it...
  6. Heads Up - IRS Reporting Threshold for Online Platforms Drops to $600 Nationwide

    Craigslist, Cash only. They can’t track it...Yet.
  7. Ever thought down these lines?

  8. Some Friday Night Blues

    Damn you Oregon Viking. Followed your link back to 2014. Now I’m sitting here crying in my cold drink.
  9. Some Friday Night Blues

    His dad was a local DJ...’Shotgun Ken Shepard’...Been listening to Kenny ‘Wayne’ since he could hold a guitar. Amazing talent.
  10. Eagles; Hotel California; best version

    Seen them live 5 times. My vote for greatest band ever. Henley grew up about 40 miles from here.
  11. This looks like the end of life as we know it.

    Thank the lord...or the hackers...or the CIA...whoever made it happen.
  12. Need help finding Gold ring in field

    Since it’s basically a surface hunt and you know the area get a cheap Harbor Freight detector and find it yourself. You might get hooked on the hobby.
  13. What is Bronze Silver and Gold Member on

    Why care how you’re ‘labeled ‘. If you’re a member you’re a member. Enjoy the site.
  14. Young Men Take Note

    Awesome funny yet so true.
  15. Winning Lottery Ticket Found in .......

    Hey birthday also. Let’s split it.
  16. My Favorite Piece of Equipment

    Human Touch massage chair. I have had it for a long time and I use it after physical activities. I.E. yard work, round of golf, fishing or metal detecting trips etc. If or when it quits working I will immediately go get another. Sucks to get old but there are ways to deal with it.
  17. Young Men Take Note

    When it hits the fan go into Bobble Head Doll mode and say stuff like...ok...yes mam... I understand...and be moving towards an exit then RUN.
  18. Young Men Take Note

    Something I learned long ago and served me well.
  19. Another yard

    Hunted in an old neighborhood i have been working. Besides usual clad and crap the only find worth noting was a 57 Diez Centavos M coin. It rang as a dime at 6 inches on both machines in all directions. An elderly neighbor told me a Mexican family lived there in the mid to late seventies and she...
  20. NFL Gold

    Anyone seek modern day treasure betting on NFL games. Serious winter time hobby for me. I live within a few miles of 5 casinos. Just thinking if there are other serious handicappers here maybe we could crowd source our thoughts and picks etc. Cannot hurt.