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  1. Anybody ever do their genealogy?

    Cat man. Lol.
  2. Admin and others…” techy” question with forum

    I’ve used Tapatalk app in the past to access TNet forum feeds for a long time. Recently did an update on the app and for some reason had to add all my forums back in to the app. No problem except for TNet. It keeps giving me an error and says contact forum admin or try later. Anyone experiencing...
  3. Folks I think I?ve had it really, America as we knew it gone, I?d like to pack it up

    As one from western PA originally, and hated it, I?ve learned to appreciate country/small town living with plenty of outdoor activity available in SC?.Cheaper living on a smaller budget, not to far to travel to bigger livelier places if the need arises. Going home to PA to visit only validates...
  4. Need Advice; Minelab Equinox 600

    Check out the Deus ORX. Light weight!
  5. Better Late Than Never!

    @ Rusty OMG I’m drooling. Nice guitars!!! I’ve bought and sold several over the years. Only have a couple Martins left. Keepers for me.
  6. First time metal detecting and this is what I found.

    On your way to catch “the fever”. Congrats on a great start!
  7. XP Deus on backorder everywhere?

  8. Second metal detector guidance advice needed.

    I’ve owned many detectors over the past 17 years or so. Found a good bit with the AT pro... fast forward a few machines including the Deus ... bought the Nox 800. Used it but frankly didn’t enjoy using it. Sold it. My go to is the Deus unless I’m looking for pits in highly mineralized soil. I...
  9. A very cool find if you ask me..interesting to say the least

    Not gold but definitely banner worthy!
  10. My first and last EPIC 19th century privy dig

    Well it’s possible I guess. I’ve lost a cell phone or two when I was in a hurry.
  11. Curious, how many open field hunters vs off the grid hunters

    Fields and woods mostly. All with permission.
  12. Simple question, you have 1000 bucks what’s your machine

    @Smokey... I was going to say Tesoro. ( still have mine)
  13. Simple question, you have 1000 bucks what’s your machine

    Keeping the GPX5000 and DEUS because I know these machines because I had more hours using them. The only other machines that I’ve had that much time with was Whites MXT and an ATpro. Both I’ve since sold only because in my mind at the time, I was upgrading. I’ve had numerous others over the...
  14. Simple question, you have 1000 bucks what’s your machine

    Was an 800 and just sold it this morning to a friend in Alabama for 750.
  15. Simple question, you have 1000 bucks what’s your machine

    I wouldn’t buy another one. Have too many. As far as the Nox, eh...( seriously considering selling it) So I would sell it and add that money to the 1000 and go take a metal detecting vacation for a couple weeks.
  16. Best part of the US of A to live, in terms of the metal detecting hobby?

    Being here in SC in the summer is the most uncomfortable time of the year to hunt. During those months, I go out super early or I wait until when the sun starts to go down. My best finds ever were found in the north eastern states.