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  1. Good deed for the year

    A old friend contacted me to look for an earring a guest lost at his pool party this weekend. I found it in about 20 minutes under his deck. He threw some Down Home sausage on the grill and we sat around and reminisced with a few cold drinks. Payment enough for me. The lady showed up to get it...
  2. Ever thought down these lines?

  3. My Favorite Piece of Equipment

    Human Touch massage chair. I have had it for a long time and I use it after physical activities. I.E. yard work, round of golf, fishing or metal detecting trips etc. If or when it quits working I will immediately go get another. Sucks to get old but there are ways to deal with it.
  4. Young Men Take Note

    Something I learned long ago and served me well.
  5. Another yard

    Hunted in an old neighborhood i have been working. Besides usual clad and crap the only find worth noting was a 57 Diez Centavos M coin. It rang as a dime at 6 inches on both machines in all directions. An elderly neighbor told me a Mexican family lived there in the mid to late seventies and she...
  6. NFL Gold

    Anyone seek modern day treasure betting on NFL games. Serious winter time hobby for me. I live within a few miles of 5 casinos. Just thinking if there are other serious handicappers here maybe we could crowd source our thoughts and picks etc. Cannot hurt.
  7. Decent Practice Hunt

    A couple small neighboring yards of houses built in 59.

    Headed up to Lake Ivan near the Arkansas line. It is a tiny Corp lake for flood control. The full moon is tomorrow night so the bream should be bedded up in the backs of coves. Taking a USGS topo to check out a few places of interest tomorrow afternoon. Campground but no amenities. Vault toilet...
  9. New old guy

    Jim in Shreveport La. Longtime hobby hunter. 2-3 times a year. I lost my beloved Tammy to cancer earlier this year and took early retirement to really get into the things we liked. Golf, camping, fishing, MD?in and a few other hobbies. I use a Ace 250 and T used a Delta 4000. Been on a few yard...