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  1. Admin and others…” techy” question with forum

    I’ve used Tapatalk app in the past to access TNet forum feeds for a long time. Recently did an update on the app and for some reason had to add all my forums back in to the app. No problem except for TNet. It keeps giving me an error and says contact forum admin or try later. Anyone experiencing...
  2. SC Mder’s ( or those nearby) ..Fall is here!!!! Let’s meet up.

    I’ve been waiting for the weather to break. It’s been a brutal summer. This year, I’ve decided to surround myself with those who have similar interests. So I’m starting with those who love detecting and have a deep love for discovery and outdoor activities. All who are looking for others to...
  3. Carolina MDers ..Ready to Beach Hunt?

    Who’s going? Curious to see who I might run into and where. I’m ready for several days of beach hopping.
  4. MDers in the Carolina’s

    Can’t wait to hunt after this storm. Might take a bit before they open up the beaches. Reports are they are getting hit hard near Charleston Alerts for Tornado Warnings at Myrtle Beach blowing up my phone. Possible land fall still in the works for NC just north of SC boarder. Inland here...
  5. Hurricane made clouds- nice sunset

    It will soon be here.. will start around midnight for this area. Decided to enjoy the outdoors this evening... tomorrow will be an all day indoor day.
  6. Upgraded to Cat 4

    Ughhhh here we go again!
  7. Attempt to post #15.. Gold earring pic

    Delayed post.. tapa app has issues. Anyway... Lost for 5 years... Found and returned in 5 minutes. This was last year in November .... old news ....didn’t know how to post a photo then.
  8. 🏆 HONORABLE MENTION Gold wedding ring returned

    I haven’t hunted much lately. The heat and humidity here in SC is absolutely unbearable. Well that changed today when I got a call from my neighbor down the road.. he had lost his wedding ring. Normally I get a call from neighbors to look for property markers, lost tracker parts and tools. So...
  9. Summer detecting

    I’m having major withdrawals. Seriously gonna have to get a summer home somewhere where the heat and humidity is tolerable. One has to morph into a fish to breathe anymore around here.. :BangHead: If it’s like this in June, August weather will be insane. Where would you look into spending the...
  10. Token travels to hell.

    I’ve been doing quite a bit of traveling lately and haven’t had time to get on here to check out what y’all have been finding. I’m glad to see that a lot of you are still killing it out there. So, my last stop before returning to SC was my home town in Pittsburgh and I squeezed in meeting up...
  11. As promised, the settings I used.. BOOM program

    BOOM program settings- (Modified Gary’s Sonar Program) See a video link below to watch the sonar program score big time at DIV. Built off the Deep Program #6 Freq. Tweeked by shifting to lowest 28 Iron 0 Reactivity 4 Audio 3 Disc -6.4 Expert 3 tones 202,202,891...
  12. Evening news! Heads up GPS users Y2K event

    Saw this on the news this evening. The GPS system will be set back to zero this weekend. Didn’t catch which day or time. Apparently some handheld devices like garmin may need a software update. If something doesn’t look right on your device while using gps services an update or reboot of the...
  13. The BEST hunt in 15 years of MDing

    Thanks to Smokey first and foremost for the invite the permission site. Your the best Smokey! I’m elated at the amount of good finds in one day. Have to say I was wiped out and couldn’t do much the second day. I just stuck around to enjoy the company of my fellow hunters. In one word...
  14. HF Eliptical owners. a little help please.

    I received my coil today. I have the 9 round. Something looks different about the apoxied area on this Eliptical. Would a couple of you please post a pic of the bottom of the HF Eliptical WITHOUT the coil cover. Want to compare to see if I need to send it back. Thanks.
  15. Need some help posting pics with iPhone.

    Any help appreciated or a specific thread link iPhone users.
  16. Women Treasure Seekers / Detectorists, Where are you?

    Ok so I’ve been stealthing around this forum long enough. I’m going to give it a shot and see if there are any serious women that MD that are looking for a hunting buddy. OR for that matter a guy that doesn’t mind hunting with a women. My home base is In SC however I travel a lot mostly the...
  17. Can’t decide, need some help please.

    I don’t do a whole lot of posting because I’m somewhat technologically challenged with devices that aren’t detectors. I’m trying real hard to get over that so I can join in and post finds. After 14 years of detecting, I would like to get to make new friends and this site is the place to do...
  18. Curious?

    Wondering if any serious women detectotists own a Deus? While on topic of Deus users ...if anyone has met the love of their life while detecting.
  19. Orange County, Virginia... the dirt.

    Heard the soil in Virginia can be hard to hunt. Don't know if that's a fact really. Planning a trip there to do some research on my ancestors. Going to bring the Deus along. Figured I should take some time to do some hunting if I can. Anyone, from that area or been there that can give me some...
  20. Montpelier Metal Dectecting Program ??

    Have you been there done that? Would you do it again? Please share your thoughts/experience. Next one scheduled in November.