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  1. Norton Virginia

    Hey friends. Im heading through Pikeville Friday and down to Tennesse to buy fireworks for my familes annual fourth of July cook out. I can buy them here Illegally but the fun is my wife and I getting to travel through Pikeville, Virginia, and then Tennessee. We always stop in Norton Virginia...
  2. Thought I’d share

    Hope you all are doing well. About 15 years ago I got connected with a man named Worley Charles from Olive Hill. He had searched for the Swift Mines all his life. Anyways he allowed me to copy all his notes and stories. He recently passed a year or so back so thought I’d share a few things...
  3. How is Everyone?

    Hey all, dont get on here as much as I used to. Joined in 2009 and it used to be lively in here. Alot of great information was shared and a lot of great help was given. Miss eveyone that used to be on here. Miss Ole Boomer. Didnt agree with every single thing he thought but he was knowlegable...
  4. Old Yale Lock

    Found this today detecting. Anyone know how old this may be? Any info would be appreciated! Thank you!
  5. Anyone have a clue?

    Hey all, found this today detecting. Looks like it says “LIPP” on it but could have had other letters that broke off. Almost looks like it says something on bottom but havnt got to clean it up yet. Any help would be appreciated!
  6. Long shot but please look

    Hey everyone, this is a long shot but I found this today and it kind of looks like a confederate symbol on it. Just seeing if anyone could ID it for me.
  7. Is this a buckle?

    Hey all found this a few min ago in an old part of town. Havnt got it cleaned up yet but hoping someone can help me with ID! Thanks
  8. Is this a musket ball?

    Hey guys and gals, found this in the yard of an old home built around 1915. There was a log home that sat in the same spot before it was built. Any idea if this is a small musket ball? Any help would be appreciate!
  9. Great Silver Day

    My wife and I hit an old home we just got permission for. Was there 3 hours and got 8 silvers, 14 wheats, a little ring and what looks like maybe a small musket ball? Broke my previous record of 5 silvers in one day!
  10. Nice couple evening hunts

    Hey all went yesterday evening and this evening to a new spot close to a church that was built in 1833. Got a Barber, an Indian Head, a wheat and a silver quarter. Only my second Barber Dime and it was 1898 so excited I hit the 1800s.
  11. Bullet Id help

    My wife found this today in a field where there was a Civil War camp. Anyone know If this would be Civil War? Any help would be appreciated!
  12. Odd Carving in Rock

    Hey all, this is a longshot and I know very little about the KGC. I live in Eastern Ky and an older lady told me a story about a rock that was over what seemed to be a grave. The rock was supposedly carved by Jesse James. On the rock was carved "Slaw B. Ott" or maybe "S. law boot". Something...
  13. Question for fellow AT Pro/Max users

    Hey, hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday. This is a curiosity question. I have used an AT Pro for about 5 years now. Love it as it is a coin and relic hound. However, I have found no gold. I know gold is more rare, however I had an Ace 250 before the pro and found two gold rings in a...
  14. Help please

    Found this today. I put a penny for size comparison. Thought it was a button at first but the back threads in . Any ideas?
  15. Military find help!

    Hey guys found this today. Someone in another thread said it was a “ collar disk seal” but I don’t know what that is or how old this is ha ha. Can’t anyone help me out? The first pic is the front and the second is the back. Thanks!
  16. Indian Head and military medallion? Help please!

    Hey all;went out for a quick hunt today and found an Indian head and this military medallion?? I’m just not sure what it is. It is very thick . Any suggestions?
  17. Help finding story

    Sorry for all the threads and posts lately people; just getting back into the hunt and playing catch up ha ha. I used to have one of Michael Paul Hensons books that listed treasure legends in KY counties. He had a couple legends for Morgan County. Does anyone have that book that could send me...
  18. Needing to Replenish my Swift Library.

    Hey all, I hope all my friends here are doing well. I have not been consistent on here like I used to though I drop in from time to time to see how the search is going. Last couple of years have been the hardest of my life. Bitter divorce, family members betrayal all that stuff ha ha. However...
  19. Earliest Swift Journal

    Hey hope all is well with everyone. I was wondering when the earliest mention of Swifts journal was. Was it documented early or did it not come about till later? There are so many versions I am wanting to try and figure which ones would be the most reliable. Thanks!