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  1. Tesoro Speaker opening styles.

    Thank you pinenut. My machine does seem to be an old tone model which would make sense.
  2. My first Tesoro showed up today.

    I don't know if it is the new machine or pure luck? Tonight turned up a 916 ring. 6.3 grams.
  3. My first Tesoro showed up today.

    Cleansweep coil showed up today, a day early. Brand new old stock. :) @devldog Thank you. :) @steve1357 The phone app is a great idea. I'm in Canada. I had to dig thru my nickle jar and find a US nickle last night. Had it out last night for a quick run. Found a few dollars in coins...
  4. Schematic for Tesoro Golden uMax

    OK, I now have a uMax Golden. Any of you try to read the code out of the PIC? I'm thinking if I can get the HEX I could figure out how to make my own tone groups. A little hesitant pulling my new toy apart, but it might have to be done. ;)
  5. My first Tesoro showed up today.

    The postman delivered my uMax Golden toady. :) I bought this used. Looks brand new , never used. Not a scratch on the coil cover. I know there are two different tone models out there. I'm still trying to figure out which one this is. I see no serial number on the unit. From what I...
  6. Schematic for Tesoro Golden uMax

    Crickets. :) I found a schematic of the Tesoro Cibla -Vaquero online. It uses a 28 pin PIC (same PIC as the Golden) and I'm guessing it will give me a few clues. Well searching around I found a few good photos of the Silver uMax PC board and the Golden uMax board. Anyone else notice how...
  7. Schematic for Tesoro Golden uMax

    Anyone have a schematic of the Tesoro Golden uMax? Thank you
  8. Tesoro Speaker opening styles.

    Hi guys, Fairly new to the forum. Been metal detecting for about 15 years. AT Gold and AT MAX. I'm curious about the speaker openings on the Tesoro machines. If you look at the Golden uMax you see some with a louvered speaker opening and some with a rounded raised area with a grid of...
  9. Help me help my grandfather

    Travis, Not exactly what you are looking for but it is a Tesoro 4 pin coil. $200 Canadian. I found this online and it's not what I was looking for. I need 5 pin. 18" Bigfoot or is it Cleansweep...