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  1. Two Cents Worth

    Was getting skunked then on the way to my truck popped this 1867 Two Center, made it a fine day.
  2. Silver Fix

    Sure made my day, thanks.
  3. Silver Fix

    Been hunting farm fields lately finding coppers but no silver, went to an old one room Schoolhouse today and got a couple of silvers.
  4. Playing hookey at our favorite park

    Congratulations, that's a sharp Barber.
  5. Clipped one cent?

    Hard to imagine buying something for a fraction of a cent but I found a token for 3 1/3 cents.
  6. Clipped one cent?

    I found one clipped and holed.
  7. Finally found a Fatty

    Eluded me until today, also found a General Service cuff button and a flat button.0
  8. Demand motor oil.

    Product of Continental Oil Company, there are a few for sale on Ebay. Now Conoco.
  9. Scorched Kennedy Half Dollars

    Took a wire wheel to them it really made them look better. Before and after pictures.โถ
  10. 1899 and 1846 Cents

    I was using the Apex I was using the Raider coil too, it was a corn field. Congratulations on the the 1892, love those Indians.
  11. 1899 and 1846 Cents

    Never thought about it durn missed my chance.
  12. 1899 and 1846 Cents

    Went to an old homesite today and found a couple keepers. 1899 and a 1846.
  13. Nice Barber Quarter

    Here's the group
  14. Nice Barber Quarter

    That's the one that has evaded me so far, still on my bucket list.
  15. Nice Barber Quarter

    Hit sidewalk tearout again 4th quarter from it. 1874, 1896, 1953, and this 1916, no dimes so far.
  16. 3 1/3 cent TOKEN

    3 1/3 cent token got permission to do an old poor farm location built in 1865, lots of trash quite a challenge. The token is from a town about 20 miles away and they tried to put a hole in the Indian cent but failed it's a 1893.

    That is the way to save history, worth whatever it cost. WTG.