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  1. California ban on small gasoline engines

    Did this ban just kill dredging in CA? :censored:
  2. Archaeological sampling for HS2

    The ongoing sampling for HS2 may be worth detecting! (if you are allowed) This is near Glascow Airport...
  3. What happened to the San Jose off of Colombia

    Was just remembering the (somewhat recent) San Jose find... bunch of legal crap, and veiled contracts... Did that shipwreck ever begin recovery?
  4. Old Newspapers archive website

    For research, check out As an example, a simple search for "Florida Shipwreck" starts with articles from 1866... Look at the left side, articles by date...there is one from 1804... 1800-1809 (1) 1810-1819 (19) 1820-1829 (48) 1830-1839 (64) Enjoy...
  5. Couple charged with finding 900 Gold Staters and not reporting the find

    A couple have been summonsed to court to answer a charge against the Treasure Act of 1996. A 62-year-old man from #GreatBaddow and a 61-year-old woman from #ChadwellHeath will appear at Chelmsford Magistrate’s Court on Friday 30 April. They will both answer a charge of theft and of finding an...
  6. Bomb squad detonates live Civil War cannonball found in Maryland

    be careful poking around out there! A bomb squad safely deactivated a live Civil War-era piece of ammunition after it was discovered in Maryland last week.
  7. Reef Ball program.

    Is anyone here involved in the projects using the concrete reef balls? I know Chesneys group was funding some of the placements. Just looking at the logistics of the adventure, as in permissions, enviro, mapping and monitoring required.
  8. Christies Deep Impact auction opens on the 9th!

    Christie’s presents Deep Impact: Martian Lunar and Other Rare Meteorites, an online-only sale of rare meteorites open for bid between 9-23 February 2021. Deep Impact Auction
  9. Coin roll hunting as a living

    Interesting video on the biz... Some good tips
  10. 1960's Navy Seal Sub restoration-Fisheye

    Fisheye, In the pictures it shows the navy seal sub restoration from 2011...was this completed? Cheers!
  11. Platinum Pro 5000 divers

    Just got my platinum Pro 5000 dive card.. Officially certified logs for 6137 dives... Didnt think it was a big deal...but there are less than 100 Platinum Pro Divers out there worldwide.. (I am #76) I didnt think it was a big deal until I went to get a tank fill....the dive shop was like...
  12. Isolation experiences thread

    Here is a place to put your isolation experiences...
  13. More Pirates needed!

    Seems reasonable! More Pirates needed!
  14. Shipwrecks of the Virgin Islands: An Inventory 1523 -1825

    Just found this document... The shipwrecks of the Virgin Islands constitute an undeveloped, generally unseen and as yet unappreciated and unmanaged local marine resource with both historical and economic value. As in the case of any resource, proper management planning begins with an inventory...
  15. Ballard on point for Amelia Earhart

    Ballard on point for Amelia Earhart's plane Interesting search....(no spoiler alert)
  16. Pirate Lore

    What did the Pirate say on his 80th birthday? Aye Matey! sorry, thats all I have for today.
  17. 137-year-old Winchester rifle found in Nevada has new home

    A 137-year-old rifle found five years ago leaning against a juniper tree in Great Basin National Park in Nevada is now part of an exhibit dedicated to the "Forgotten Winchester" at the park visitor center near the Utah border. The weathered Winchester Model 1873 is in a case designed to capture...
  18. Endonyms of the World

    Not sure why, but I found this very interesting. An endonym is the name for a place, site or location in the language of the people who live there. These names may be officially designated by the local government or they may simply be widely used. This map depicts endonyms of the countries of...
  19. Detectorists Discover Stash of 550 Ancient Coins Worth £150,000

    Over four days the group of successful metal detectorists; Andrew Winter, brothers Tobiasz and Mateusz Nowak, and Dariusz Fijalkowski scoured a field near Hambleden, a village recorded in the 1086 AD Domesday Book. They excavated a total of 557 coins and among the first finds made in what has...
  20. Things that make you go hmmmm?