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  1. I never thought I would ever find one! 1851 US Gold Coin - BINGO!

    Who would have ever thought I would find my holy grail of metal detecting, a gold coin, and in Colorado of all places. I am still shaking. My digging friends and I have been working on some old trail systems here in Colorado and have discovered some areas where Union cavalry soldiers were...
  2. Metal Detector and Gear Giveaway

    I am giving away a Bounty Hunter Tracker IV metal detector, Pinpointer, Hand Digger, and Snake Skinz coil wire sleeve over at my YouTube channel ... if interested, you can check it out here: (admins please move this to appropriate forum if this is the wrong place) Good luck to you.
  3. Hidden No More! - The Forrest Fenn Treasure Has been Found!

    The unbelievable has happened, the un-findable has been found, but now the mystery remains. The Forrest Fenn Treasure Hunt Is Over - The Treasure Chest Has Been Found. For 10 years, searchers have been looking for the Forrest Fenn treasure chest. Hidden somewhere in the Rocky Mountains North...
  4. Suspender Buckle /Garter buckle - Age?

    Is there any way to roughly date this suspender buckle or garter buckle? All other items found in the same field are dating to 1860s.... 1868 shield nickel, henry rimfire cartridges, SAW rimfire cartridges, etc... is this consistent with that time period? Cool that it has those two birds...
  5. Cleaning Silver Plated Items

    What is the best way to clean silver plated items such as suspender clips, etc...? Lemon juice?
  6. Two Way Radios

    Looking for recommendations for walkie talkies in the field. Something to reach my digging partners no more than a mile away, sometimes wooded conditions, sometimes open field. Not needing super professional, special license, talk to the space station type radios, just durable, clear sound...
  7. First Time at the Digging In Virginia Hunt - DIV 46 - The Winter Camp of Cole's Hill

    The Digging In Virginia metal detecting hunt was a different type of digging than I have ever done and I was swinging a machine I had never swung before, the Minelab GPX4800. I was digging with a group of guys that live there in Virginia and have been to multiple DIV events in the past so I...
  8. Civil War Era Relics found at possible Cavalry Camp in Colorado

    See video of first trip to the site here:
  9. Video Series - Digger Spotlight

    Catch the replay of our second installment of Digger Spotlight...
  10. Relics Radio

    Hey gang, real quick .... tonight I will be a guest on Relics Radio on Come by to listen in or join in the chat room. We will be talking about all things metal detecting and taking questions from the call in line and chat. Hope to see you there at 8pm EST...
  11. Tailing Piles

    Any tips out there for how to go about getting permission to detect the tailings from old inactive mines?
  12. Adventures In Dirt - Our First Giveaway

    Come check out our first giveaway celebrating our channel reaching 500 subs and nearing our first anniversary on YouTube. Jewelers loupe, digging tool, silver coins, and a nice hoodie. Multiple winners will be selected. Runs to the end of February, 2018.
  13. The Weekly Dirt 2018 Kicks Off...

    2018 will bring a new year of The Weekly Dirt, a weekly review series of various metal detecting YouTube channels, their finds, and announcements that are of interest to us metal detectorists. Heres to a great 2018. Happy hunting out there. Be Safe.
  14. The Weekly Dirt Episode #18 - Xmas Giveaways Galore

    Merry Christmas everyone. This weeks episode of The Weekly Dirt contains our weekly feature of digging channels and their finds for the week, but also many announcements of current and ongoing giveaways. Good luck to all that enter them.
  15. Video Series - The Weekly Dirt

    A new weekly review of some of my favorite YT channels in the world of metal detecting. Every Sunday, I will attempt to put together another episode with highlights from the week prior. This first one got off to a late start due to a family vacation but give it a look and be sure to comment...
  16. Exploring an old silver mining town from the 1870s

    New video about doing a little exploring and digging at an old town site that used to be a silver mining town from the 1870s-1920s. Couple items found and new areas to come back to for sure.
  17. The Mighty Buffalo

    I had never dug one before yesterday ... cross this one off my list ... 1920 D Buffalo Nickel. Found at old park dating back to the 1890s that I had been to lots of time ... never hunted out. Patriot (F70) settings - max disc, notch nickels, sens-80, thresh- neg1, tones -1, speed - SL
  18. ...and a Partridge in a Pear Tree - Saturdays Hunt

    I was able to get out to two locations on Saturday with the Patriot and here is a video about the days finds. The video title comes from one of those finds, a little pin I found at a 1903 home site in the shape of two turtle doves. Enjoy.
  19. First Coinstar Score

    I always check the reject cup at the coinstar machine in my local grocery store every time I am in there. I always say the same thing to my wife... "be right back honey, I'm going fishing..." and she just rolls her eyes. Most the time it is empty but tonight it seemed filled with coins. 18 x...
  20. Pucker Up

    Pucker Up! 1923 or 1936 Tangee Lipstick by George W. Luft Co from New York... leaning towards '36 ... not my color though.