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  1. Tesoro followers

    I have a Tejon and it is a gnarly machine.. It can almost feel borderline unstable, until you understand how to dial it in and listen to it. There isn't a better analog machine IMO. Vaquero is something I want to get my hands on though. I hear it's comparable to the Tejon, but with the single 9v
  2. Do I need a 4th Tesoro?

    I'd pay $300+ for a Golden uMax if I could ever stumble across one.
  3. Do I need a 4th Tesoro?

    Did you ever buy another Tesoro, OP?
  4. 1806 Heraldic Eagle Draped Bust 25 C

    Jealous of you guys that live in the North East and have more opportunity for the really old U.S. Silver. Nice coin!
  5. Some of my best finds, oldest finds, finds I like best when I was posting on TN

    Man, I'll never not be jealous of you boys that live in Colonial areas. There's way more potential over there than there is here in Texas. Nice finds OP!
  6. My first Tesoro showed up today.

    I still want one of these.
  7. If the Golden uMax and the Tejon had a waterproof baby...

    Would it be the greatest analog detector of all time?
  8. Trying to get my hands on a Tesoro Golden uMax

    I've watched a few tutorials on YouTube about the Golden uMax.. with it's tones, notch and decent depth, I couldn't imagine a better everyday analog machine.
  9. Trying to get my hands on a Tesoro Golden uMax

    I'd like to know which shop..
  10. Recommend me a decent Sand Scoop/Shovel

    I want to get something solid.. I use Lesche Shovels for regular detecting and would like to get something for the beach of similar quality and utility. T-Rex looks nice, I'm just left wondering if it's actually worth those price tags.
  11. Recommend me a decent Sand Scoop/Shovel

    Beach trip coming up in a month and I'm gonna need a couple of sand shovels. Anybody got a good recommendation?
  12. Big copper & big silvers

    Odd spot for a British Penny
  13. All of the recent uploads on Youtube about the Tejon are foreign.

    I guess my curiosity is answered.. Just a French Tejon in the video I posted. I still think he's getting a little bit more depth on the air test than me. I'm wondering if that RSD coil just has more depth than my standard 9x8 Concentric.. I might need to buy one of those coils.
  14. Honest opinions on Tejon vs. Vaquero

    You wouldn't happen to have a Golden uMax that you wouldn't mind parting ways with now would you, pinenut? 8-)
  15. Honest opinions on Tejon vs. Vaquero

    There's one Vaquero listed on eBay right now. Bidding starts at $350. Shipping is $20. I'm wondering what the current going rate for a used Vaquero is. Don't want to overpay if I decide to add one to my collection soon.
  16. Detecting in Mexico.. Have any of yall done it?

    I just know that Mexico has a rich history in Silver.. I believe the Casa de Moneda Mint is the oldest running in the world? A lot of their coinage was made in silver back in the day and I'm just wondering if there are some old spots that haven't been hammered yet. Tourism hits are another...
  17. All of the recent uploads on Youtube about the Tejon are foreign.

    Ya, the guy in this video sounds French? Idk, I'm not good with languages. I've seen the standard Blue/Grey Tejon and the Tejon Black, but never one styled like the one in the OP. I wonder if Tesoro actually made it or some guy got his hands on the schematics and started making some of his...
  18. All of the recent uploads on Youtube about the Tejon are foreign.

    Foreign Tesoro units? Rebranded Tejon I searched "Tesoro Tejon" on YouTube and then adjusted the search filter to "This Year"... every video at the top is from a foreign country. A couple of videos had what looks to be rebranded Tejons. Some of them getting some gnarly depth on air tests...