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  1. Choosing a set of metal detectors.

    I agree with everything you’ve stated. This is why I was asking about recommendations for 3 specific individual machines: one with a broad range and depth, one that discriminates gold acutely, and a quality pin pointer. The gold has been historically recorded at one site to be corn kernel size...
  2. Choosing a set of metal detectors.

    thanks guys! These are great suggestion to start evaluating my options. Right off the preliminary get go, I already like the idea if whites GMT and minelab goldmonster 1000. Worth taking a deeper dive into the specifics of each machine.
  3. Choosing a set of metal detectors.

    There would be a fair amount of mineralization background noise in this area as well.
  4. Choosing a set of metal detectors.

    I’m looking for opinions on which make and model of metal detectors to get, in order to look for gold in sandy strata. If you could choose three: a general broad deep penetrating detector, an acute nugget detector, and a sharp acute pin pointer…. Which three would you recommend if price was...

    If the guy at the rock shop says it’s opal, you have a very large and rare find for Washington state.

    That would explain the iridescence!

    in my opinion, it is not an artifact. But it is a really cool find. Many gem quality opals are worth far more than gold by weight. If you found that specimen in Washington, you may have hit a proverbial jackpot because it’s a very large intact specimen relatively speaking, and it seems to...

    I see why you believe this to be opal. My recommendation would be to take this to a gemologist, or even a local jeweler and have it evaluated.

    I’m not a geology expert of any kind. The larger specimen seems to be quartz, but I can see the small section within the mineral that looks like it could be opal.
  10. The Real Evidence Concerning Atlantis.

    I appreciate the heads up. I will agree with every single word you just wrote. According to “Clovis first theory”, all North American natives derive from a singular point of origin. Were there Pre-Clovis people here in the americas? The evidence suggests there were. This might be the...
  11. The Real Evidence Concerning Atlantis.

    This would make a lot of since considering Plato supposedly recieved the information as a descendent of Solon. According to the history as recorded, Solon would have been the first to report this information back from Egypt. We only have the historical documentation as it was written in their...
  12. The Real Evidence Concerning Atlantis.

    Thank you for pointing these things out cathexis! You are spot on! In terms of humankind technological advancements, there are a few concepts that became pivotal to the success and advancement of culture. You pointed out the functional use of the wheel. It’s not that Mesoamerican cultures...
  13. The Real Evidence Concerning Atlantis.

    I don’t accept clairvoyance as a reasonable means of obtaining objective evidence. It’s very easy for anyone to make claims about abstracts forms of history, considering the lack of having a site to compare said claims against. The point of my argument is to transparently justify why I believe...
  14. The Real Evidence Concerning Atlantis.

    When it comes to mythology and legend everyone has a personal opinion. But what are the objective facts as history has recorded them in documentation? Atlantis mythology is unique in the sense that everything we believe we know historically about the Atlantis comes from Plato, a singular point...
  15. Stone skull

    In the 1500’s onwards, Buffalo we’re known by the Spaniard as “Cibola”. Being a foreign and unfamiliar concept to the Spaniards, they described Cibola as being “a Mexican bull with its horns pointed backwards”. I see a skull in your avatar picture, but there isn’t enough picture there to see...
  16. very much a newbie

    Welcome aboard Keith! 17 years ago, I was where you are now. I wouldn’t trade the last 17 years for anything!
  17. Map explanations please

    See now this is an interesting piece of information from my perspective, and the exact reason I?m trying to determine if the ?mineral de winte? map on the left of the original post had legitimate relationship to the ?mineral de Tayopa? map on the right. It is vey easy for a site to accumulate...
  18. Map explanations please

    Oh Dear lord! The name J frank. Dobie sounded eerily familiar to me. He was the author of “Coronado’s children” 1930. I never thought to look in that book. I’ll see if what I am looking for in in the text. I’ve been actively treasure hunting for almost 18 years, but this is the first time...
  19. Map explanations please

    Kanaki…. You are my kind of researcher! Very thorough! Great information! Thank you for the detailed process!
  20. Map explanations please

    Thank you freeman! That’s what I needed to understand!