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  1. War of 1812 officer button with before and after pic..

    Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations. Belongs in a museum or your living room. What state are you in?
  2. Non stop dog and goat videos

    My wife has been interrupting absolutely everything I do when we're home together with videos of dogs, goats, and other animals. Anyone else having this problem?
  3. New crazy 1800’s on/off site, fancy buttons, copper, conestoga bell

    Fantastic! You'll be starting a new thread with that spot soon.
  4. Sunset

    Thank you Bill Usually a photo doesn't capture what one sees in person but this is pretty close.
  5. Sunset

    Awesome sunset today in NJ.
  6. New crazy 1800’s on/off site, fancy buttons, copper, conestoga bell

    Congratulations! Just beautiful condition and nice clean-up.:icon_thumright: That's a banner picture for sure!
  7. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED A cannon ball (maybe)

    With an exact weight and diameter in inches you will get an answer!
  8. Continental Navy

    Beautiful finds, congrats!
  9. This is just crazy amount of Spanish gold!

    There's gotta be so much more.
  10. This is just crazy amount of Spanish gold!

    Wow what incredible finds! I assumed it was going to be underwater shipwreck hunt. Time to hit the beach.
  11. ✅ SOLVED What is the likelihood of tracking a relative down for these?

    Nice find. I think there is a check-mark to mark it solved.
  12. Revolutionary War Loyalist Button and Colonial Items

    Congrats on the great finds and the RP button. The dandy looks great!
  13. Crushed beer cans make me want to hit myself with my own shovel.

    If your'e on tilled ground, dig everything. Otherwise, your depth indicator is your friend.
  14. Discovered: Revolutionary War Veteran's Homestead!

    What a great site and great group of finds! Your research paid off big time:hello2: You must have been in awe standing on sacred ground.
  15. Penny gear, token, printing plate, keys and various finds…

    All those finds are great. You have a good site or sites to detect. Love the token.:hello2:
  16. Old sod farm today

    I like the sound of that. I would like to hunt with you. I will bring along my daughter and her friend who will be studying archaeology and ancient languages.
  17. Old sod farm today

    Thanks for looking Dave. This is an incredibly peaceful and beautiful place to detect. I couldn't believe my luck. I'll be back every day this week, God willing.