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  1. No not me

    I’ve never been this lucky. My local Wal-stuff. Walking out today. Looked down in the coin return tray and BAM. French coins.
  2. Got out Today for a short hunt

    I acquired a new permission yesterday and had a couple of hours to hunt. I guess the most interesting find was a brass pendant that had inscribed, Confederate Reunion Memphis June 7-11 1909. Rebel flag on the right and Union Flag on the left. It only has 12 stars. Also a wheatie, fired musket...
  3. Coinstar at Wallyworld 11-21-2018.

    The most I’ve ever recovered.:hello2:
  4. New CW era permission

    My detecting bud and I went to his new permission yesterday at this home . About 7 acres of land. The history of the property is that a military school for young men on the rebels side was around 100 yards in front of the house. Marty took the house and I started in the front yard. No doubt this...
  5. Surface finds

    We call these Toadstools. Just for kicks wondering if they are eatable. Are they’re any Toadstool experts on the forum? I’ve never seen this type in my yard before.
  6. First Coinstar in a while

    I was in my Kroger yesterday and haven’t had any luck lately but what the heck. 2018 1 cent Euro. Thanks for looking
  7. Got a new premission in Ms.

    The rain yesterday helped the Deus today. Not a whole lot here but not a Wheat over 1924. A 13 was the earliest. Nice little cufflinks. And the other stuff. I found the big lead ball out in a small field 8" down. Weights 0.71 lbs.It mushroomed some. It's about 13/4" now. Round it would be...
  8. Got out yesterday and this morning early.

    I hunted between an abandoned house and where an older house use to be. So the finds are mixed between Semi old and newer. Boy do we need some rain. 1942 nickel and the buttons we're probably the best of the finds. Thanks for looking.
  9. Just Clad to get out today

    I drove to an older premission today. Enough talking. 11 Lincoln's 2 Wheats, 56 and 40 1 dime 71 3 nickels,56,64,74 1 Harmonica reed 1 fried round( no cal.) 2 Remington 12 brass 1 pretty neat fork. And other items. My wife loves the junk better than the better finds. This is she
  10. Pretty cool token with F75

    Just went out in the yard after lunch and it's still hot. Messing with some setting, GB and in a portion of my land not detected much I got an 87. I said, what the heck? No grunt with it so back to the house to grab a shovel. Anyway. Enough talking. It is dated 1977. I've been here since...
  11. Torn down house premission hunt

    Got premission to hunt where a house was right behind an 1864 mansion that I have already got premission to detect. The owner of the mansion bought this house and demolished it so "Have Deus will hunt". Top row- 4 Lincoln's and a marble. 2nd row- 3 clad dimes, 3 bullets, one junk. 3rd row- 3...
  12. Civil War stamps

    My wife was cleaning out a cedar chest yesterday and found these CW stamps she bought in 1995. The back says they expire in 1997. .32 cents Sorry, not a great cameraman.
  13. XY screen on program 9 deep on version 4.1 question

    Can you change this profile from XY screen to the graphic. I've gone to Configuration, Profile and it won't let me change it. I like the XY screen but would like the option to change. Thanks in advance.
  14. First real hunt with the Deus

    New permission at a 1860's house renovation. Just trying to learn the Deus. She was a little con-tank-ker-us so I just went with Basic 1. Finds 1860 something IHP Eagle button(front) Black necklace thing with loop(found the loop separate 67 quarter 85 quarter Stinkin Lincoln 2- wheats(52 and 42...
  15. Spring is near,good luck to all

  16. Real old park hunt Wednesday / got ran off my first site

    I had about 2 hours to hunt so I hit this old park. Even the pool had been filled in. The button didn't clean as well as I wanted but after research turn out to be Generals staff cuff button. It has the stars around the outer edge even though not livery well.gonna try better on the photographer...
  17. F75 LTD and 4" coil went to school Yesterday.

    Went back to the old school yard ( hunted out as some say) Yea, right. Had a pretty good 2 hours. Temp was 79. Some of the pics are a little dark so I apologize in advance. The Bee pendants were still in the case but my plug was a bit small and I guess I caught the case with my shovel(broken...
  18. Old homeplace finds

    My hunting buddy and I went to the old home place this past weekend. Found a few CW targets the time defore but not this day except for one suspect bullet. Looks to me to be a cast brass lantern fennel and some sort of cast brass locking nut(not a conduit nut) the old pocket knife, pretty nice...
  19. Sunday afternoon hunt with the 5X8 Garrett.

    Went to my old football field for the 500th time. Then got rained out. Bucket lister. Found my first tooth. Rang up 83 pictured by the red arrow. The jewelry ax has a little bling. I guess two teachers got into it and finally buried the Ax:laughing7: One tax token(Mississippi 1cent, pocket...
  20. Anyone have the Equinox yet?

    Can hardly wait to hear tales of depth and finds.