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  1. New Deus II video...

    I’d be damned if I had to buy a new PP just to have one. I have no complaints at all with my O.G. Deus setup.
  2. Southern New Mexico and very far west Texas

    Dougs Collection = :icon_thumright: Thanks for sharing it!
  3. Deus stolen

    SMASH and Grab
  4. Any one identify this?

    Geologic Anomaly imo. Pretty cool looking.
  5. Deus stolen

    We are more advanced than a hangman’s noose today. It’s Zip ties and a Cutting torch in this new millennium. :tongue3:
  6. Deus stolen

    What a messed up world we have today. I hope for the best Cal. Hope you don’t have to wait to long for your Deus ll...
  7. Thinking of trying this hobby

    Google is your friend. Most of your questions can be answered if you drill down into the interwebs. Although I do by artifacts, I have never sold one in my entire life.
  8. Equinox or Deus 2

    My MI6 works perfectly with my Deus. I have a Carrot for back up with no issues also...
  9. The Story of Don Miller

    I love the embelishment in this account of Mr. Miller. Josh Sanburn is a Media Hack in every sense of the word.
  10. New format on T-Net

    Same here. Deleted it and Recreated the bookmark and it works fine.
  11. Unidentified Arrow Head believed to be found in New Jersey. Iroquois ?

    I can’t help with the ID, but it’s a nice looking artifact.
  12. Elders Camp

    Nice hunt man!
  13. Pet wood

    Garscale posted some great examples of Texas Palm Wood in the Jim Hopper thread. Just look for the polka dots and stripes. You can’t miss them.
  14. Any ideas on this obsidian piece?

    Are parts of it still covered in dirt? Or is it laying on top of the dirt and that is the shape of it? I do agree with you on the crappy picture tho...
  15. Arrowheads

    Where was it found? State?
  16. ~one row at a time~

    Nice to have spots that produce often. Nice find. Looks like that material was not cooperating with the knapper but managed a nice symmetrical projectile. Congrats U.N.!
  17. ~Spokeshave time~

    I am fully aware of uniface’s opinions. You could put that in my hand and I would still stick with the fact that it is not an artifact. Don’t take offense to that because it is only our intention to help each other learn.
  18. ~Spokeshave time~

    Nope not seeing it. :dontknow:
  19. Found in Wilkes County, GA

    What about the object made you think artifact? Maybe there is something we cant see from your pictures that you see...
  20. ~creek knife~

    Gotta love that Creek stain! Congrats U.N.