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  1. If the Golden uMax and the Tejon had a waterproof baby...

    Would it be the greatest analog detector of all time?
  2. Recommend me a decent Sand Scoop/Shovel

    Beach trip coming up in a month and I'm gonna need a couple of sand shovels. Anybody got a good recommendation?
  3. All of the recent uploads on Youtube about the Tejon are foreign.

    Foreign Tesoro units? Rebranded Tejon I searched "Tesoro Tejon" on YouTube and then adjusted the search filter to "This Year"... every video at the top is from a foreign country. A couple of videos had what looks to be rebranded Tejons. Some of them getting some gnarly depth on air tests...
  4. Detecting in Mexico.. Have any of yall done it?

    I bet there are some decent spots down there. Have any of yall ever detected in Mexico and had luck?
  5. Honest opinions on Tejon vs. Vaquero

    I know Tesoros are no longer being made, and I will be getting a newer VDI machine to add to the stable later on, but I just like hunting with these analog detectors. I have a Tejon and I'm starting to get good with it, but I'm wondering if swapping it for a Vaquero would be good decision...
  6. Gold Prospecting in Texas?

    Looking it up online shows that places like the Llano River can yield small results.. I'm guessing it's a similar story across the state. Maybe a little here and there. Have any of you ever had luck in this state? I'm not saying to give up your honey holes if so, just wondering if it is a...
  7. Took my Tejon out today ~ I possibly found a virgin park

    Discovered a new spot with Google maps.. This place is a park, but for some reason it's not listed on my towns park website. It doesn't have a kids playground. Just a community garden and some tables. It's behind a church in a neighborhood full of houses that were built in the 30's and 40's...
  8. Snagged some free Silver today..

    6th time in as many months that my local grocers Coinstar machine has produced for me.. There was a single solitary coin in the catch tonight and it sure was a beauty. Man, I love getting free Silver.
  9. Just ordered a used DeLeon.. thoughts on this machine?

    I told myself I wasnt going to buy another Tesoro unless a Golden uMax popped up. Well, plans changed when I spotted this deal on the DeLeon. Got it for $288 total. Have any of yall used one before? I'm sure some have on here. Thoughts?
  10. I don't think we'll be seeing sub $20 Silver again.

    I know SLV is manipulated, but consumer demand and reality will slowly set the pace more and more.
  11. Dedicated Silver Forum

    Why isn't there one? There are so many sub-forums on this site that it baffles me that there isn't a Silver consolidation somewhere.. ..unless of course there is and I'm just missing it.
  12. First Coinstar Score!

    I never even thought about mining silver out of Coinstar machines until visiting these forums.. Sad that people charge themselves a tax to use these machines and then walk away with their most valuable coins unknowingly chilling in the drop.. Got a 1945 Quarter and 1957 Rosie.. also snagged 17...
  13. Recommend me a good scale for weighing coins..

    I'm not looking for "budget".. but I'm also not looking to pay for a name. What say you, Tnet?
  14. Walking Liberty vs. Franklin Halfs

    I've been dabbling on the eBay auction market for silver coins and I've noticed that Franklin halfs tend to catch a bit more of a premium than WLHs.. This isn't always the case and often times they are neck and neck, but I've noticed better deals able to be snagged on $20, $10 and $5 face WLH...
  15. Can/Will the election have any effect on the silver spot price?

    Just curious on folks opinion.
  16. Safe ideas for RV?

    I'm about to be living in an RV full time.. curious to see if any of you guys on here might have found out some incredible ways of storing valuables in an RV.
  17. 2003 Half Dollars

    Didn't find any silver today, but I did find this little guy.. I know that these were not made for circulation. Is it worth keeping?
  18. Which US State is the best for treasure hunting?

    I'm guessing one of the 13 original colonies is the answer..
  19. Beginners Luck :)

    Just getting into CRH.. my first go round happened today and it yielded two '69 half dollars.. The teller would only give me their loose in the drawer which was 19 coins total. I wasn't expecting anything with such a little haul to sift through. Side question: Do any of you guys focus hard...
  20. Questions on your approach to pennies.

    1.) Do you separate coppers? 2.) If the answer to question 1 is yes, do you include 82's or just 81 back? I've heard that 82 had some zincs already being introduced and some guys exclude separating that year entirely because of this... any truth to this? 3.) Is it even worth it to separate...