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  1. First time out with anfibio to 1790 property

    Iโ€™m glad you got back into the swing of things and it looks like your detecting a great property. Congratulations on your finds!
  2. A few old keepers

    Great information on the relics to go with an awesome hunt! Congratulations!
  3. One of my biggest silver rings ever!

    Awesome finds. I love that ring with the eagle on the front!
  4. Christmas Came a Little Early...LC's, Spanish Silver and Gold

    What a great score of relics. Glad you had a great hunt!
  5. First CW Hunt In A While

    Great hunt JB!
  6. 3 Silver Hunt, 2 Firsts, and a Possible Military Ring!

    Wow! What a beautiful ring! Congratulations on your finds! Hope you can ID it.
  7. Early seated and earlier buttons

    Very nice finds! Keep it up!
  8. Spanish 1/2 Real - Charles IV

    Awesome silver my friend! I love those half reals! Keep it up!
  9. New crazy 1800โ€™s on/off site, fancy buttons, copper, conestoga bell

    Good job on finding that site. Very cool buttons and other relics!
  10. Rare Colonial Coins

    Wow what a hunt. Congratulations on all your fantastic finds!
  11. Some Nice Relics

    Very nice finds. Love those beads!!
  12. Chess piece carved from a Williams cleaner

    I love carved bullets! Congratulations!
  13. Two Cents Worth

    Awesome find for sure! Congratulations!
  14. Shiny 1700s silver cuff link; 1722 KG1 Hibernia (left harp)

    Awesome finds my friend! Keep it up!
  15. William Henry Harrison 1840 Campaign Token

    Nice hunt for sure. Love that token!
  16. ๐Ÿฅ‡ BANNER Rattlesnake Bit!

    Beautiful rattlesnake button! Looks like you had a great day. Happy Thanksgiving!
  17. 6 hour hunt found 50 USD in coins, silver ring and possible spanish coins

    Interesting finds. Congratulations and HappyThanksgiving!
  18. Round 3 Loaded Site, Fancy Sash Buckle, Coins, Relics, Glass

    What a beautiful ornate buckle. Congratulations!
  19. 1840-1850s Militia Belt Buckle

    What a great looking plate! I love the eagle design on this type. Congratulations!