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  1. Non stop dog and goat videos

    My wife has been interrupting absolutely everything I do when we're home together with videos of dogs, goats, and other animals. Anyone else having this problem?
  2. Sunset

    Awesome sunset today in NJ.
  3. Old sod farm today

    I went to an old sod farm at dusk today and had some luck. Several rows of sod had been stripped which allowed for a perfect dirt surface to detect! I found a couple buckshot and can slaw and then I got a nice solid signal and out pops a half reale. I think it's Carolus llll and 1789 but not...
  4. Home of the huddle

    Pretty cool.
  5. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Farm field hood ornament ID

    Just curious what company this is. I searched the net and tried Google Lens to no avail. Thanks for the help!!
  6. The Charles W. Morgan model

    I was working at a house yesterday and asked the woman about this model. Her late husband had built it over 3 years. The Charles W. Morgan is a whaling ship.
  7. Young buck

    I drove by a field the other day that had been mowed down. I thought it looked good for detecting but when I got there it was 6 inches of stubble and this poison ivy looking low growing vine weaving throughout the 5 acres. It's a park that never gets tilled, just mowed meadow, so I headed out...
  8. French gold!!

    My wife is normally watching dog and cat videos but shared this with me. Pretty cool!
  9. Home, Sweet Home

    National Gallery in DC. 1863 Homer might have been standing at the camp painting.
  10. Gunboat Philadelphia

    The gunboat Philadelphia at the Smithsonian Museum of American History.
  11. So vivid!!!

    I'm not an art lover in particular but the fact that this 300 year old painting from The National Gallery in DC looks this good amazes me.
  12. Atocha treasure Library of Congress

    This display really caught my eye at the LOC museum in DC. HH GM
  13. Farm field finds, first NA & cuff links!

    I was out to my fave park which the farmer had just disced. The dirt was like a fine brown talc which was real easy digging. The NA piece was laying on top and I thought it was a spoon handle tip until I got home and saw the flaking. Thanks to uniface, Buckleberry, and Tdog for the ID. The cuff...
  14. My first worked piece

    I got out to an old farm today, freshly turned. Surface find, I thought it was a spoon handle tip. I'm in central New Jersey and would like info on material, age, and type if possible. It shows black and a little greenish. Thank you for your info.
  15. The Bather

    This copy of The Bather dated 1870 by Luigi Testa was in a house that I did some work in yesterday. The original by artist Carl Timolean von Neff was stolen by the Nazis during WW2. This measures just over 4 by 5 feet.
  16. Highlight on the drive to work

    The sunrise on the way to work this summer has been a highlight of the morning for me, besides my DD coffee.
  17. Incredible Pickle recipe!

    The cucumbers are producing now. We couldn't eat them fast enough so a few years ago my wife started making pickles and they are so crisp and fresh with this recipe. I hope you can try them yourselves.
  18. Dragonfly time here in NJ

    Azure Bluet Damselfly There were three different types of dragon/damsels flying around me. This is the only one that settled for a minute.
  19. ✅ SOLVED Old shelf pin?

    I was desperate to find something old and I found this so I was actually happy. Is it just an old shelf clip? Thank you G the M
  20. 1864 2 cent from the sod farm

    This farm is still active after 300 years. It's now a town park that a farmer leases for sod. After the sod is scraped I head in for a look. Some pottery shards and pebbles just underneath the sod and someone has been there before me not filling their holes and leaving the trash in the hole...