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  1. Dumb question... these are 18th Century Silver Cufflinks right?

    Not a detecting find, but a recent purchase. I knew they seemed large when I purchased them, but getting them in hand they're monstrously large. In the one image, I have a U.S. nickel under what I generally think of as a traditional size set. These are just about double that. Are these just...
  2. Age of these silver pieces?

    I bought both of these a little while ago. They appear to have some age to them, but no idea what timeframe we're looking at. They're silver (I don't recall if they're coin or sterling). There are no hallmarks of any kind anywhere on these. Does anyone recognize the country of origin, and...
  3. Is this 1805 Sheffield Sterling?

    NOT A DETECTING FIND, BUT SOMETHING THAT CAME THROUGH THE SHOP TODAY. I believe it's 1805 Sheffield. Is this correct? Thanks for any input!
  4. ✅ SOLVED Sterling Saddle with Johnnie Walkers Boston stamp. What is it?

    Found this yesterday at a local beach. Can anyone determine what it was used for? Someone suggested a brooch where the back fell off? I tried looking up Johnnie Walkers Boston, but the Johnnie Walker liquor brand dominated the search. Does anyone recognize the maker? Thanks for any help!
  5. Johnnie Walkers Boston Sterling Saddle. What was it used for?

    Got out to a small local lake beach today with the 17" coil on the CTX. I've hit this beach a million times but never with the 17". Went for the deep targets and this one sure was deep - not perfectly sure but could have been upwards of 15" and started with the ever so slightest chirp...
  6. Need help with hallmarks. Age and solid sterling silver? British?

    Not a detecting find but needed help identifying this piece and hallmarks. It looks like London, but I don't recognize the other marks. Can anyone identify the marks and age of this piece? Thanks for any help you can provide.
  7. Can you help me put an age to these gold cufflinks?

    These were bought, not a detector find. They appear to be most likely sometime in the 1800s, but didn't know if anyone could help pinpoint a more precise date. They are SMALL! Both sets can fit on top of a US dime. Weight is 1.14 or so grams for both of them combined. Gold content is...
  8. Large Surface Area Sterling Piece. What is it?

    Found this the other day. It's a pretty good size - about 8" long and 3 3/4" wide at the widest, and is sterling silver. There's a large hole in it, and very small holes in the corner, presumably for nails. Any idea what it is? The only thing I can think of is it goes around a door knob...
  9. Any idea on age of these gold cufflinks? Any chance 1700s?

    Bought, not a metal detector find. I'm a bit confused by these. The older cufflinks (1700s) seem to have the single oval connector link, but oval cufflinks seems very rare during that timeframe- many seem to be round or octagon. Also, the seller mentioned they were 10k, which if that checks...
  10. Removing previous owner’s info. Help needed!

    No Help needed Nevermind
  11. Need help with ages & stamps on these silver spoons, I believe 3 are from the 1600s!

    Need help with ages & stamps on these silver spoons, I believe 3 are from the 1600s! Recently got these for just about silver value (not metal detecting find). It looks like 3 are from the 1600s! I don't know about the 4th one. I ran out of luck looking for maker's mark, etc to determine who...
  12. is this a 1789 London date mark for Henry Chawner?

    Bought this piece today, not a detecting find. The closest I can find is that it is a 1789 date mark, London for a Henry Chawner. What do you guys think? The pic with the colored background is from a website. What do you guys think?
  13. Got a couple of silver spoons today, need help with ages and makers

    Picked these up today for $7 each. One is British, and I thought it would be easy to date it, but I'm having trouble. Looks like KGIII, but the date stamp references online look to have a little point at the bottom during that time period, this one doesn't look to have one. What do you guys...
  14. Bunch of cool stuff at a corn field including silver, and some unknowns!

    Got some oddball finds today. No idea on a couple of them. Got a nice 1838 LC, bunch of buttons, couple pieces of silver!, and the folded thing which is a bit larger than the large cent - it looks to have hung from something as there's a little attachment on one end. I think it has "HAIL" at...
  15. Couple coppers today! Need help with ID on one

    Hit an older property today and got a couple usual buttons but also an 1828 half cent, and what I thought was a KGIII halfpenny. I’m not so sure that’s the case but I’m not familiar. On the obverse it looks like it may have an “R” around 10 o’clock and the reverse letters don’t seem to be...
  16. ✅ SOLVED Chinese coin?

    Maybe Chinese, but I know nothing about them. It's about the size of a U.S. quarter. What date range would it fall into? I don't think it's silver - what metal would it be made out of? Thanks for any input!
  17. Best refiner?

    I have some scrap gold I'd like to send to a refiner. Heard a lot of good things about ARA... any other suggestions on the best refiner out there?
  18. Anyone else's Garrett carrot pinpointer beep in water?

    As soon as it hits water or certain moist soil inside a hole, it just beeps and it's driving me crazy. Why have a waterproof pinpointer when it cant touch water? Am I doing something wrong? Maybe sensitivity too high? Help!
  19. Two coppers and a small handful of buttons. Need some help!

    Seems like it’s been forever since a copper has shown up for me. Managed two today! One is an 1845 large cent and the other I’m not sure. Could it be Russian? Any idea of date range for it? For a second I was thinking Mass cent but then more details came. Any ideas on the button with the...
  20. Where to find charging cable for the wireless module?

    I recently bought a used wireless module but it didn’t have the charging cord. Any suggestions on where I can get one?