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  1. Has anyone tried the new Time Ranger Pro?

    Seems like a lot of nice features for a price of about $400. Can use Fisher f19 and Gold Bug coils, and is $300 less than the F19. Backlit Display FeTone™, Adjustable Iron Audio Enhanced V-Break®, Tone Discrimination System Notch Mode with Adjustable Notch Width Computerized GROUND GRAB® One...
  2. TNet needs to update this site

    After the law suit by FTP against Deteknix has been concluded, Deteknix is no more. They are now legally branded under the Quest name of products.
  3. The Amazing Fors Core

    Scannerguy has the best test garden I have seen. I've watched him run the F75, F44, Tejon, Garretts, etc. But the detectors that seem to do the best in his test garden is the Nokta Fors Core and the Makro Racer 2. You can go to his site to see the detectors he has put through this test. But here...
  4. Teknetics revamps their site

    Looks nice. Has the new Ameritek line.
  5. Adapter to use Greek and CORS coils on LRP/QDP/LSP

    And I saw at the bottom that it's verbious approved. CORS Search Coil Plug Adapter 5 Pin Female Screw On to 6 Pin Male Push In | eBay This little $20 device opens a whole world of options for the power of the LRP.
  6. Favorite coins

    Found since owning the Land Ranger Pro These are my favorites. Other silver found with newer dates as well.
  7. Thanks Wayne- Metal Detecting Stuff

    Diamond Digger arrived. Correct side serrations. Excellent packing and shipping was lightning fast. Thanks.
  8. Anyone into Hori Hori diggers?

    Saw this one for $26 plus shipping. I like the handle better than the wood straight hilt and the measurements continue on the handle to 10" for depth. Just curious about the metal. Anyone own one? Or have something they use that's good?
  9. Interesting comparison

    I know this video is 2 years old, but they did a good job showing the different strengths and weaknesses of 5 major pinpointers. Personally, I was impressed that my $89 XPointer did so well against the big guys. But each shows their different strengths like the TRX depth (wow) yet it's light...
  10. Land Ranger Pro w/bluetooth video.

    Joel does a nice little test video on the LRP and shows how he did wireless headphones for less.
  11. Waterproof PP for under $100

    Gold Digger Innovative Products. $99.95. GDIP is the US distributor for NEL coils, Deteknix (or was), T-Rex scoops, T Handle holsters and Detector Pro. I am curious who makes these PPers for them.
  12. Protective cover for LRP

    I don't usually link to EBay, but this Ukraine company doesn't appear to sell anywhere else. A choice of looks for a dirt, rain cover specially made for the LRP. Rain Dirt Dust Covers Kit for Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro | eBay
  13. Has anyone tried the Whites Dig Master?

    Compared to the Lesche?
  14. Whats happening at MineLab?

    "Minelab haven’t come to the show. So what? They’ve bought the booth and can dispose of it as they want. But… Here, at the exhibition, some incredible stories are told of Minelab! The manufacturer is said to be not willing to meet with sellers and treasure hunters (I can’t believe it!)...
  15. Anyone familiar with these digging tools?

    3 year warranty and check out the sheath that comes with it. Holds a pinpointer and cell phone. Reminds me of a thin Lesche Raptor. Digging Tools - Dirt Digger Digging Tools
  16. Teknetics Eta and Teknetics Kappa

    If they are Dave J designs, must be pretty good. Teknetics Eta & Teknetics Kappa. NEW 2016? | MD-Hunter Blog
  17. An available 4" coil for $89

    The Ultra 4 is a plug in connector 4" coil made by FTP for the Tek/BH Pro line/F5 (Greek) that uses plug in coils. It is available for $89. It tests on the Eurotek at getting a quarter at 9". So it is a hot coil for trashy area's. The dealer who sent me the info isn't listed on TNet. So if...
  18. Is this a fake?

    I saw this ad in a Google ad bar. I clicked it and found a place selling the Garrett Pro Pointer for under $45. By the pics, it shows a Made in America box and Garretts info, Yet when you order it, it comes via China shipping. Seems fishy, unless Garrett is giving them away now. ^^removed...
  19. Quest Pro is available

    Ebay has someone selling them in stock. An American Co. $599 and one from Turkey $749. I would think as dealers get them that they will sell at the $599 price point.
  20. Beach hunting with the Quest Pro

    Pretty informative of the way the Quest IDs. Seems good in wet salt sand. Nice ending as he shows the whole included kit.