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  1. VX3 in general

    The VX3 is a great detector that punches really deep. If you're using the DD coil try recovery speed 10-12 and you'll be amazed how well it separates targets close by. To save some power the backligt is off when hunting in daylight. And I'm using a Li-Ion battery pack that will last a few hours...

    350.00 bucks?? for a minelab? think the coil will be some 8 inches or less, so pinpointing will not be a problem at all. G'day.
  3. This cant be real

    Re: This can't be real Rewarding to you gents this guy is going to get so many hits to his vids, a real hunting vid won't get. ;D He did this vids to annoy all honor hunters... ;D There is a second vid of this guy out there. Think you'll hit it, too. :laughing7: :laughing7: :laughing7:
  4. This cant be real

    Re: This can't be real ?? ?? ?? ??? :icon_scratch: :tard: :laughing7:
  5. I hope this guy does not hunt in public parks or schools.....;o)

    The day after... [badgrin] ...all right...I'll refill my holes. :laughing7: Happy Hunting
  6. Detector problem, help request...

    TNX for the quick response, Ed.
  7. Detector problem, help request...

    Hi ecdonovan, how can I do that..?
  8. MXT + Prizm II

    Congrats to your couple! :D Yap, the Prizm is a right starter, even for the youngsters. ;) :D And... you can use both detectors at the same time very close together. Test it, you'll be surprised. So it was very pretty to hunt beaches together with my daughter. And depending to the different...
  9. Prospecting Anthills...

    TNX a lot for the replies! :D 8) How long will a period for those anthills last till they?re abandoned? Another thing would be...will a detector be enough to get some nuggets or has it to be some special like a nugget-machine or have I to do gold panning at least...??
  10. Prospecting Anthills...

    Hey all... anybody ever heard about? What does this mean and what is it good for?
  11. What makes a GOOD detector... ?

    Are the goodies you find making the GOOD detector?? Oh yes, I had a few detectors. And I found some really nice pieces so I was hooked on, but... ...since I owned the MXT and hunted some acres (yap, got permission ;) ) each time I found some coins, buttons, thimbles old toys...etc. this...
  12. A real head scracher

    Tnx for the flowers, Joe. ;) :D Fact is, everything which is reacting with somewhat (like oxydation) is building some new. If it?s in the ground it?s building a ?halo? even silver and copper. I know about some iron artefacts plated with silver where the silver was gone in the ground during the...
  13. ACE series: What kind of loops??

    Still no answer. Only the message the mail was read... :P :-X :-\ 5 days ago. So I see there is no need to answer. I was still mailing companies and most of them answer, not all. I think some Inc hasn?t to do cause they are fat. And I have no need to buy a green one. On my first contact to...
  14. Dirty tricks that are done to detectrists.

    Hi neilo! If it is permitted to detect there, no guess whats wrong with the people who do such a BS. But like most here said, I also would digg it all. Maybe someone misses his name pendant and offers a reward?? ;) ;D Njoy Digging
  15. Dirty tricks that are done to detectrists.

    Oh, I forgot...there are some acres near xxx, where roman cemeteries was located. Some TH?er are periodical hunting them. How would you call these people?

    Hi pgleba ! Maybe a corrupt connector to the loop cord? A broken pin or a twisted pin (dead short) can cause some problems. Even some broken cables or solder pads are bad...have you cecked the PCB?s, cables, switches and potentiometer inside? Good Luck
  17. ACE series: What kind of loops??

    TNX 4 recommendation, hollowpointred. :D email is on the way...I?ve thought, here are so many who use the ACE 250 and a lot of guys here seem to be distributors and one of those guys could help to answer. There are a lot of threads bout the ace...but to me it?s also important to know what kind...
  18. ACE series: What kind of loops??

    Does anybody know what kind of loop is used on the ACE series (Rhino Tough PROformance)?? (concentric, DD, monoloop)?? Can?t get any information bout this...TNX for input.
  19. BIG Thank You to DetectorPro

    Hi folks! Just want to say "Thank You Very Much" to DetectorPro. I had a little problem with my headpones and wrote an email to DetectorPro. Whithin 12 hours they answered via email and I could solve that prob. So, I say >> Great customer service, very friendly and helpful !! << Thanks a...
  20. Whites DD Coil

    Re: White's DD Coil af1733: Oh man, U hit me. :o Seems there is no larger available than the 4 x 6 shooter for using with the 6.59 kHz machines. ??? Time to earn some money, White?s!? By that I would consider to bother Jimmy Sierra with some questions bout the big foot for the XLT. I think...