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  1. Programming

    Hi there. Bought a used Nox 800 a couple years ago and have been using it off and on with just the basic park 1 park 2 programs without really doing the work to understand the machine as well I should have. Have a V3i that I have put a lot of time in with but not the Nox Anyway I saw a video...
  2. Garrett AT Max and wireless headphones

    Thinking about this detector and wondering from users if they are happy with the wireless headphones on this unit. Have the Nox 800 and my trusty old Whites V3i and spoiled on the wireless headphones. Or any general comments regarding this detector. Have never used a Garrett but thinking I...
  3. Can you have 2 loves??

    Provocative yes? No that much really. This is just about 2 very different detectors. My Whites V3i and my Equinox 800. Been ignoring the V3i for a few years other than keeping the battery charged. Took it up to a park Ive been hunting with the Nox this morning. Was surprised I still...
  4. What do you do with your Whites V3i ?

    So my other White detectors are pretty easy to let go of without remorse or dwelling on whether I lost money or not. My timing of being out of the hobby for a couple years or more kinda had me flat footed when I came back to find Whites gone. Should of sold it as soon as I bought the Nox 800...
  5. Found a ring on my Bday

    Don?t find jewelry very often but hit on this within first 5 minutes today. It?s an old residence that is now an mostly undeveloped waterfront park. It read 26 on my Nox 800. About 2 inches deep is all. Stamped 926 on the band. No idea if the stone is anything. Doesn?t matter. My wife liked it!
  6. 💵 FOR SALE Whites GMT For sale

    Bought this used a few years ago. Everything works. Standard alkaline battery holder No Headphones Just what you see pictured $325.00 shipped conus Thanks for looking!
  7. ❎ SOLD Whites Beach Hunter 300

    Bought this used a few years ago but never took it out. Very good condition. Upgraded the o-ring . No signs of corrosion Comes with headphones All functions work. $300.00 includes shipping conus Not sure how to post pictures so contact me if interested and I will email
  8. Back Again

    Hi There. As I tend to do I drift from one hobby to another and when focused on a particular hobby tend to ignore the others. Anyway I'm getting ready to get back back into metal detecting after a couple years away. No surprise I guess that Whites is gone as its looked that inevitable for a...
  9. New used GMT question

    Hi There New member here. Great looking web site. I bought a used GMT the other day and have been playing with it some. I get a bad ground message and loud tone when I get close to the preset notch on the gain. Coil is the 6/10 that I think is standard. Think maybe I should send it into White's...