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  1. Just happy to be here

    Welcome to t-net from So California
  2. Rev War no more but it's old and gold

    Wow love it old and gold great hunt
  3. Welcome to the newly upgraded!

    Thank you it’s working now that I cleared the cache on Crome.
  4. Welcome to the newly upgraded!

    I’am not on a pc Iam on a iPhone I will try a restart just restate my iPhone and clear my web browser and the same thing shows up I call on get the the post about removing things from the river in Texes but no other post. I took a screen shot of what come up when I try to see post under...
  5. Welcome to the newly upgraded!

    No it’s still not showing post under treasure hunting legal issues it just shows more forums like Spanish treasures X Marks the Spot and other form names but not the posts that are under treasure hunting legal issues I closed out my browser and open a new tab also the link didn’t work either it...
  6. Found half buried in my yard in NE Ohio

    Look like just a river tumbled cobblestone to me.
  7. Welcome to the newly upgraded!

    The link on the forum to the treasure hunting legal issues does not seem to be working
  8. Reno Park Gold!

    I was wondering if that smoke up there would slow you down, doesn?t look light like though, great job thanks for the Inspiration.
  9. Civil War Bullets?

    The size they look on that fire stick controller makes me think 9 mm
  10. Big piece of brass

    High window opening pole hook,
  11. ✅ SOLVED Age of shell button

    Looks like a mother of peals button, very old I don?t now what years they were used
  12. silver streak over with au "O"

    Where?s the pic of the looker, the ring looks good tho. Thanks for sharing
  13. Die with coin inside?

    Just checking in, still not cracked open.
  14. Die with coin inside?

    Waiting for the op to crack it open, I keep coming back to check.
  15. ✅ SOLVED Heavy Iron Piece Branded F32 No clue

    It’s look like a railroad track plate. Although is does not have holes for the spikes to go thur
  16. A yard that's been hunted for awhile?

    Nice finds that piece with America written on it looks like it’s from the Army Air Force because it has the wings and the plane prop thanks for sharing
  17. Can anyone help identify this etching

    Looks like a light house in the background if that helps
  18. 15 mercs and 2 silver rosies

    That’s crazy! I think I need to go to the parts store now.