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  1. 2 main finds today in the woods. Ornate?? What is it!!

    About 10 inches down In the woods, I also found a plow blade but didn't bring it home. What is this?? Is it silver? Bronze? Lead?
  2. Fat Chunk of Iron, What is it??

    Found this in a trash pit
  3. Is this a mineral rock help me ID East US

    Looks pretty cool, found in a Native American Frequented creek
  4. Triangles on Tree, and other trees to ID

    This is my last post of today, new to this hobby/newjob/lifeforce I am wondering if there are any tree markers in these photos or altered trees? Any input is appreciated
  5. Need help to ID this rock

    Found in a possible native american area in East US
  6. Rock circle around small tree??

    I also found what appears to be a heart on one of the rocks. I read in a Charles Garrett book that a circle of rocks around a tree means treasure here but I'm skeptical due to how small the tree is.
  7. Giant tree. Was it struck by lightning? Cache signs on it or no

    Growing into a old creek bed
  8. Help with possible rock symbols

    Rock is near a small branch of creek. In a area settled by Europeans since the 1630s. On the other side of the tree holding the rock is this mound. Help me figure this out!!
  9. Is this a Trail marker tree??

    There is a trail literally right next to it. Not sure though because i'm new to this, any help is appreciated!!
  10. Stone with Symbols on it