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  1. New Treasure Hunt 2022!

    "Tell Me Which Mystery Treasure Box" launches this Saturday Jan 1, 2022 Noon PST! 3 puzzles / 3 winners! Lots of silver in the prizes including a 1/2 Troy pound silver coin!
  2. NEW TREASURE HUNT - Tribute to Forrest Fenn!!!

    Details on the LIVE show in 5 hours. totally armchair! a huge collection of Forrest Fenn memorabilia and cool items! 1 winner gets it all! ~ Kpro and Cowlazars email with questions.
  3. new armchair puzzle

    5 prizes to 5 winners. The video above contains puzzles for 20 words. Figure out the words and fill in the crossword puzzle. See the rules video in the description. Good Luck! ~ Cowlazars ps - its free to play.
  4. NEW TREASURE HUNT for $50,000

    There is a book out that contains clues to a treasure hidden somewhere in the U.S. Solve the clues and they take you to within 6 inches of it. You have the option of taking 50,000 dollar coins or a check for 50K. Look it up on Youtube - "Breakfast Tea and Bourbon"
  5. $50,000 treasure hunt!

    Giving away a free copy of Breakfast Tea and Bourbon. It contains clues to a object that once found you turn in to the author and get $50,000. I do vlogs on other treasure hunts as well. Check it out. Thanks! ~ Cowlazars