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  1. Dollar coin

    Hey is this worth more than a dollar???????? I know it says it is old but is it worth more than the actual value?? I got it through a drive through window!!!!!!!! I swear I almost went back in and told them that they give me the wrong change!!!!!!!!!!!! Until I seen the date
  2. 5900di for relic hunting

    5900di for relic hunting I was wondering is this model pretty good for relic hunting primarily and coin shooter some? and how does it take sand?
  3. old fort find

    I have a picture but i dont know how to post them.. It is of a horseshoe and an old chain. I have heard that confederates used horseshoes to put on the bottom of there shoes and this is a small horseshoe. The chain has a round link in the middle can anyone tel lme what they were used for/ Thanks
  4. earthen works locals call it a fort

    I have been given permission to hunt this type of groud in virginia that is privately owned can anyone tell me.. If or how to hunt this type of ground its really what they called a breastwork. a pretty signifigant battle was fought in this town, my friends found two artillery pieces there a...
  5. whites 4900 dl

    can anyone tell me aobut this particular model? Has anyone owned one?
  6. 3300 radio shack

    It seems the longer I use the 3300 in the day the more crazy signals it gives at one point it hits targets everytime I put it to the ground........... the batteries are ok... I can turn it off and back on and it will do fine for a few minutes but after taht it starts hitting everywhere...
  7. Headphones

    Hello I am looking for a set of headphones that go behind my head and has volume control any suggestions?????
  8. Discovery 3300 vs Garrett ace 250

    I need some feedback on these two I have the 3300. I'm not too thrilled with the battery option on it. I think i'm going to try and sell it and Get the Garrett 250 unless someone can convince me otherwise. Will make someone a good deal on it If I decide to sell it. Thanks :-*
  9. New to metal detecting

    I took my detector out today for the first time and all i seem to find is bottle caps, Allot of bottle caps I think back in the day a dump truck must have deposited them here in my yard. I guess I need to learn how to discriminate them out but good grief. well on the bright side, guess the...