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  1. Question for Nox Users

    Depends what they are made of, how they are oriented in the ground, size, shape, and other variables. The best bet is to do an air test and then do a ground test. After you figure out those numbers, still dig everything when possible. One man's penny signal is another man's gold ring.
  2. 2022 MARG hunt?

    Veteran's Park south of Jamestown ND
  3. Way to cold

    I am in Faribault. I can clearly see why you are now in FL.
  4. Gray Squirrels

    Yeah, there were dozens of them in the neighborhood and they were getting in the house. Once they get in the house, there is only one option, kill them. They will keep chewing holes in the house until they are dead if you try to fix the holes before removing them.
  5. Way to cold

    It has already been 10 here. My coonass friend down there thinks I am nuts for staying in MN.
  6. What Inspired you to Metal Detect?

    I started because all of the glory of being me was being wasted on not having one more hobby that pays me to play.
  7. Gray Squirrels

  8. 2022 MARG hunt?

    I tried to look for it online but apparently Margret Hunt is a very popular woman. Does anyone know if there is going to be a hunt this spring? I am trying to figure out this year's vacation.
  9. Congratulations to Brad Johns' wife.

    She had a baby girl the other day and SHE did all of the work. Brad just provided some seed and support. May she grow big and strong and healthy.
  10. Possible Lost Dutchman Gold Mine

    Tom, you're my kind of smart ass.
  11. Contact the Hoover boys

    The first time I was in FL on the ocean and I was hitting crummy signals, I heard Kurt's voice in my head. "Dig it all". That 1st trip I came home with 2 rings from a confirmed shipwreck from the 1700's.

    If it is a beach and detecting is allowed, hit it. You never know what will turn up.
  13. Possible Lost Dutchman Gold Mine

    If there was any chance of there being a deposit that rich the rich mining companies would have already bribed their way into closing off the entire area and they would find it and mine every gram out before leaving the public to reclaim it.
  14. Round horseshoe

    I found one. How common are they?
  15. Found an old ring

  16. Found an old ring

  17. Found an old ring

    Cool. Does anyone know of an online resource to get me in the ballpark? Utica, no matter what I typed comes up with NY and not much else except silver rings.
  18. Buffalo Skull found in river - SE Wyoming

    Its funny. The past two times I have gone to MT, I have found a buffalo eroding out of the bank. Once on the river and a few weeks ago way back into the badlands about 1/8 to 1/4 mile from the river.
  19. More from "Camp Wal Mart"

    Contact the Chigg and The Hoovers.
  20. 1831 Matron Cent, a Chape, and 4 Yellow Jacket Stings

    Go back after dark and pour about a tablespoon of Sevin dust down their hole. A day or so there will be nothing but a graveyard.