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  1. Fisher CZ-6

    Are the Fisher CZ 6's hip mountable?
  2. no kneel leg braces

    Some time ago, I think in the 80's someone came up with an aluminum non- chair system that strapped on the back of your knees and legs that allowed you to squat without bending your knees all the way, nor sit down. It was for people who either had bad knees or back problems and could not kneel...
  3. Radio Shack

    Who makes the current Radio Shack Discovery 3000 metal detector? Does maybe Bounty Hunter make them? Asking for a friend.:icon_scratch:
  4. Wild Claims

    Has anyone seen or heard of this brand metal detector, under 300.00 and their claims of superior depth to any machine on the current market, can this be true? I have been hunting for 50 years and never heard...
  5. Down in the dumps

    Been hunting an old dump, that houses have been built on, a ball diamond (no longer used) and carnivals have been held there also. Because of the large amount of rusted cans, and rusty iron there, I have been hunting in TTF a lot. I have been quite successful the last couple of weeks...
  6. medium silver and a pretty heart stone junk ring

    I am posting this thread for Mac232 (Dave Bryan). He was hunting a favorite old school house turned into something else. His first dig from under the dirt was a 1915 -D Barber half at 6 inches. Then he got this gold plated ring that has a heart shaped red stone in it. He got some other stuff...
  7. old all brass padlock

    I am posting this for a very dear friend of mine, his computer is messed up and he can't upload the pictures from his phone to this site, he posted on FB. His name is David Bryan. He found this real small padlock the other day at a former old school near where he lives, it is now a volunteer...
  8. Im Baaaaack!

    I'm Baaaaack! Left knee joint was replaced on June 11th. So far, So good. A little tender yet but, by October, I should be out dirt fishing again in full force (once all the appt.'s are over with). I start bladder cancer treatments in Sept. I have a nuicence (sp?) cancer called " Pappilary...
  9. Found 34 years ago........

    Found this pic in box of photos. So I scanned it and saved in a folder. I was 28 years old in this pic..........NGE
  10. On the mend

    Back home from lock-up :laughing9:. Was locked up in a nursing center for two weeks while getting right knee re-hab done. Total right knee joint was replaced Feb. 27th. Left knee will be replaced on June 11th. Yes I was in horrible pain, the kind that only Vicodin and Tordol could handle...
  11. new right knee

    Getting a knew knee installed at 11:30 am Monday.
  12. sunset

  13. The "Kneed" for new knees has arrived

    The "Kneed" for new knees has arrived Finally gonna get some new 'tecting knees. On Feb. 27th. I will have the right knee replaced, then round about April 9th. I will have the left one done. I should be able to hunt again in 2013, assuming the recovery goes as planned. :blob7:. Sure glad I have...
  14. just walkin

    just walkin' just walkin'
  15. ???

  16. Cheeta dead at 80...........
  17. A couple of my nutty friends

    I just put out some stale pecans and these guys don't seem to care.........NGE

    From our house to yours. here's wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and a prosperous new year........NGE
  19. Santa shoot at a local restaraunt

    I was asked to go take pics of Santa and people at our local family style restaraunt last saturday, And these are just a few of what I took. The first one is santa and my wife :laughing7: The others are just a few of many that showed up. Enjoy.........NGE BTW, Santa's beard is
  20. OMG......Its here.........

    OMG......It's here......... This is what is happening right now, and it's not funny, Mother nature.............NGE