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  1. Chinese Money.

    I think it's a 1993. It might not be very old, but it sure is a long way from home.
  2. Chinese Money.

    Can someone please help me date this? I don't read chinese :laughing7:
  3. Mosquitos!!

    Mosquitos are awful in my area. Any suggestions? Do those things you wear around your neck work? What about the bracelet? These mosquitos don't give a crap about OFF.
  4. This is me :)

    good thing this is no beauty contest :tongue3:
  5. Hello

    very interesting
  6. Hello

    I do in fact work with rektricity. :laughing7::laughing7:
  7. Hello

    got a 404 from that link, but I found the Texas forum easily enough through navigating. Thanks!
  8. Hello

    Hi everyone. I'm new to metal detecting. I was introduced to the hobby a few weeks ago during an out of state trip. I had a blast. When I got home, I decided to buy a detector. I'm currently searching around Grimes Co. Texas. I'm not having much luck right now but I am having fun. If anyone...