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    Hdgovroom, Interesting find. A good rule to go by with fossils is the soft pieces like the face in your lizard’s case don’t usually fossilize or are preserved outside of being encased in amber or buried in the permafrost like in Siberia or Alaska. Good luck with your hunts. Walt
  2. War of 1812 button and a few other great items from the new farm

    Brianc53, Looks like you had another great hunt, those buttons are fantastic. Thanks for sharing. Good luck with your hunts. Walt
  3. 🥇 BANNER Eighteen one troy ounce silver bars recovered underwater. Still doesn't feel real.

    RatherBeDigging, Outstanding hunt, definitely one you won’t be forgoing soon - nor will the folks on the forum. The bars could have been from a cache that someone buried and that were washed out in the springtime flooding. Good luck with your hunts. Walt PS, definitely don’t like the new format
  4. Hello From Fredericksburg, VA

    Lestrahl, Welcome to TNet from Ohio. Recommend first that you truly learn your machine and that takes time under the coil, watch some YouTube videos on metal detecting (you should even be able to find some using your specific machine), find an experienced detecting partner - (there is a...
  5. Buried in the Woods

    DryVaporSteam, Welcome back from Dayton, Ohio. I have a CTX-3030 and love it but I definitely haven?t found or targeted anything beyond 18 inchesa very large horseshoe and even then the signal was a little faint. I am by no means an expert on the machine and will let the true experts chime in...
  6. Wedding band finds its way back to the owner, return #36

    TNT-Hunter, Another great story and another great return - 36 returns, wow. Keep up your posts as I always enjoy reading of your adventures. I second Truth - my Honorable Mention vote is in. Good luck with your hunts. Walt
  7. Kiss / REO / Artful Dodger

    Jeff and Truth, You both were definitely members of the Kiss Nation. I was fortunate to see them play live back in high school at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City, Utah. Waited 3 full days and nights for the tickets and got 5th row near the center?my favorite spot. Thanks for the nostalgia...
  8. Have you ever seen this mark?

    Brian C, Awesome find, definitely a unique makers mark. I did see a maker (Rogers and Spurr MFG Co) with an arrow design that was close to yours on page 211 in the below reference book named “Trademarks on Base-Metal Tableware” found on the Southern Historical Association (SHA) website...

    UnencumberedCuriosity, Welcome to TNet from Ohio. Like your screen name, very unique. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like anyone is able to provide an answer on your sample. I definitely don’t have any expertise it the field though I am hopeful someone will bite and get you answer. Good luck...
  10. Nice Seated half dollar.

    Aureus, Very nice find, still awaiting finding my first one. As a note, the coin goes for around $48 in G4 condition and $73 in F12. Good luck with your hunts. Walt
  11. Book from 1890s!!!

    Jnicholes, Nice find. Older Mormon books can be very valuable though I think the rarer ones are from 1850 and earlier. It doesn’t hurt to have yours checked out though. I have included the links to two bookshops below that look to specialize in rare Mormon books. I am sure there more...
  12. Crazy after work hunt 2050 year old roman silver and a roman Lady

    Westfront, Congratulations on a very successful hunt, wow, two Roman silvers. The detail on the Galley coin is fantastic - officially jealous and definitely missing my time detecting in Germany. Hope the rest of your fall season is just as successful. Good luck with your hunts. Walt
  13. Two and Through

    Florida Finder, Congrats on a great hunt. I really enjoyed looking at your Artillery Corps cuff button, it is one of my favorite designs with the cannon and stacked cannon balls. Highly doubtful I will ever find one so I will live vicariously through you and other fortunate detectorists. Good...

    Leslie, Congrats on another good hunt and a special congrats on snagging $400 on your Salsa Bingo win. I enjoy reading your postings as they are always entertaining. Best of luck with your upcoming surgery. May you be out detecting before the “Detectorist Tank Trap Terrorists” even know you...
  15. The things we do for treasure

    Truth, Poison Ivy is my kryptonite, I think I only have to look at it and I breakout. It didn?t used to be that way and I only be became allergic to it since moving to Ohio last year. Spent 24+ years in the military and half of that was out in the field, add in my younger years where I...
  16. RFFC vs LFFC in 1st ever "Blueball Q Cup"

    Leslie, Congratulations on another successful hunt. I must confess, when I first read your post I thought I read the name of one of the games as “Drunken Sailor Girl” vice Grid - I was really looking forward to reading the rules of the game and your tales of the past games that you had played...
  17. Decent Practice Hunt

    OneWolf, Welcome to TNet from Dayton, Ohio. Congratulations on a very successful practice hunt, it is always good to find silver. If this was a practice hunt then I am looking forward to seeing what you find when you hunt for real. Good luck with your hunts. Walt
  18. A 1.1 Billion dollar treasure legend in the making.

    Crow, Outstanding series of posts, I really enjoyed reading all of the articles. I for one would be interested in reading more of these types of posts. Good luck with your hunts. Walt
  19. WARNING !! Do not even Swing your arms like your DETECTING !!

    Gare, Thanks for the post and laugh. It is always good to be able to put a face with a screen name. Good luck with your hunts. Walt
  20. Eight silver dimes and the first Indian Head Cent from the "Sidewalk" park

    Brianc053, Nice hunt, it is always good to find to have a favorite site that consistently produces silver. I enjoy reading your posts as they are well written and provide lots of detail. I am in the camp that your current woes of your friends cleaning out your favorite park was...