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  1. ❎ SOLD Teknetics T2 SE - Used maybe 10 times

    Brand new T2 SE with sniper coil. I used the machine maybe 10 times. Still has warranty on it. Have original box. Looking for $525.00 plus the ride. Brian
  2. 1803 Draped Bust Dime

    1803 Draped Bust Dime ! Great day of detecting today. Was invited to hunt a farm field today. Close to an old hotel. Had a blast and found my second rare silver in a few months as well as a a Flying Eagle which has always eluded me until today. Was using the Equinox on Field 2. Other finds...
  3. 🥇 BANNER Silver Busted today!

    Went out today and dug this on the very first hole. Was in an area where dirt had been pushed over an embankment. I think this may be one of the best coins I have ever dug. Ive dug a lot of large cents us and colonial but not many old US silvers. I'll take it ! Any guesses on what you think it...
  4. Converting your Grey Ghost amphian CTX jack to Equinox jack.

    Ok many thread on water proof headphones out there. I already have a pair of GG Amphibians that are for my CTX that I sold. I bought this on Ebay. I know some guys make adapters to go in between the Equinox and the CTX jack but I would like to solder this...
  5. ❎ SOLD MInelab CTX 3030

    Selling my CTX 3030. Just don't use it enough. Great condition. Regular coil and sniper coil, both batteries. Also includes wireless headphone adapter. Zagg screen cover and upgraded O rings. Original box. Asking $1800.00 obo plus shipping
  6. ❎ SOLD Minelab Pro Sonic wireless audio system

    I have a brand new Pro Sonic Universal Wireless Audio system I am selling. Never even used it. Come with my detector. Asking $220.00 plus the ride.
  7. Box of unfired bullets - I.D. needed

    These have been around since I was a kid. Came from my father way back in the day. Any info appreciated. Cannon Ball Guy? Weight - 35.63 grams
  8. Interesting read about barns
  9. Question for any dealer that do trade ins.

    Hi I have a couple detectors I am going to sell but thought I'd give a shout to see what they may be worth trading them in towards a GPX 4500. Want to get deeper in the red dirt. I have a CTX 3030 with about ten months on the warranty. Standard package with wireless module and sniper coil...
  10. ❎ SOLD CTX 3030

    Selling my CTX 3030 Comes with the wireless module, rechargeable battery and AA battery. Two coils. Should still be a year left on the warranty. Will check on that. Don't have to many hours on this machine. Zagg screen protector/anti glare was put on. I'll also throw in my Grey Ghost water...
  11. I have one of "those guys" in my area!!!!

    So I have been eyeballing a property that recently has been posted for sale. Haven't been able to track down the owners yet. It's a large property, probably ten acres or so. I keep missing the guys who cut the lawn. Fast forwards a couple months ... me and a buddy are driving by and see two...
  12. Teknietics T2 SE - Knob / Button question

    On the T2 SE the adjustment knob (one on left) seems to be a button as well. Not so on the regular T2's. What is this for? Don't see it mentioned in the manual.
  13. ❎ SOLD Whites TDI with extras for sale.

    Selling my Big box TDI. Comes with original coil, 2 original batteries (one has repaired wires), 2 RNB Innovation batteries bought last year. One has no use on it. These are $169.00 each and are the best battery you can get for these machines. Used one last DIV and one battery lasted all day...
  14. Curious of time it takes to upgrade status

    Payed for membership yesterday. Been a charter member for years but I guess I lapsed. How long does it take to reinstate? Trying to post a detector for sale but can't yet. Just curious. Brian
  15. Old scale weight?

    Found this today next to an old stone house. Thought fishing weight at first. Then I wiped it off and there isn't any brass ring for line. It has an enamel or some sort of glaze on it that's coming off.
  16. Clay pipe

    Soooo one of the Moderators here turned me onto an auction that was going on locally. An older 1940's collection that was once donated to a museum. The museum showed the collection twice then decided to auction it off. Not sure why really. I bid on many items as it was an extensive VERY nice...
  17. Thoughts?

    Found by a friend. My opinion. May have been worked but weathered. Buttttt more leaning towards natural.
  18. Pulled nice surprise from a very hunted farm today.

    1723 King George I Half Penny.
  19. Any air compressor guys out there?

    I was given the thumbs up to take an air compressor from a job site. Might be three phase not sure yet. 2 cylinders. Do you think it's worth taking? May not work but I think parts should be readily available. Now moving it to my garage may be a chore. I need a larger compressor.
  20. Couple more mystery pieces

    First one is pewter. Military? Second piece is brass I think. First I thought furniture but not convinced. Looks home made ?