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  1. This is mine Ureilite, very unusual

    Looks nice
  2. This is mine Ureilite, very unusual

    Ηow to tell?
  3. Calcite quartz malachite or pseudoatacamite

  4. Mountain find

    Not iron, there would be iron oxide. The red color u see is red clay.
  5. ✅ SOLVED Some Type of Spur?

    Thats not a spur from a sole, if its q spur then its part of the saddle where the foot goes in
  6. Mountain find

    Very heavy slightly magnetic
  7. Metallic rock rings like a chime, river find

    Id help. Transparent translucent
  8. Treasure Marks/Signs - Diagnosed Here

    You ain't serious, cereal

    I know of nothing more evil than jesuits and what they uphold.
  10. Quartz family

    Im collecting specimens of what i believe are silicates.
  11. ID help, seems like zircon

    Any help is appreciated
  12. ID?

    Well fotos reveal stones found in certain locations. Like plants can be the same species but location makes them differ . accordingly this applies to stones also.
  13. 40+lb unknown mineral/crystal

    It looks like jade
  14. ID?

    Try looking up chrysoprase
  15. ID?

    If its aquamarine which i doubt then you can scratch quartz easily
  16. ID?

    Any help would be useful , it seems metamorphic, no reaction to hcl, very heavy, non magnetic , transparent, quartz cant scratch it.
  17. ID?

    If you pour vinegar on it and it fizzles it might be calcite
  18. Are these edible?

    Where do farmers practice that; is a good question cause i believe mc'dee buys that as protein for their burgers
  19. Are these edible?

    If my grandma were alive she could tell us. Sadly old people and their wisdom die.
  20. Are these edible?

    In a park on a sawed tree stump