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  1. treasure magazines

    what treasure magazines still come in print? what are the best ones on line? thanks brad
  2. just for fun where would you dig??

    with it being so hot i only have a few hours to iam only going to dig one hole.iam thinking this sandbar or where the steams come together on the left side of the picture.these are to different steams.where would you dig? brad
  3. had a good trip

    weather was good,a little smokey,a little gold and my sampling plate is great, did 25 shovel loads and cleaned up.way less dirt to clean up,then only did about 200 with it open.didnt stay to long but it was great to get back out there
  4. 1 good day,get out there.

    randsburg tomorrow weather looks like a great day.leaving at 5am. brad
  5. cerro gordo in danger from a open pit mine being oked very close by

    i hope this is ok to post here,if not please move it to where it should be .but we only have till the end of august to send comments to the blm.cerro gordo ghost town is near lone pine calif and is a really cool place.k2 mining from canada is planning a open pit mine every close and will destory...
  6. not for mining. but.

    not for mining.but a fun build.i designed and build this for my friend to do landscaping at his house.all the rails are adjustable .the big rocks go off the end.meduim go into the bucket and the rest goes in the wheelbarrow .he can put a srceen on the bottom if he wants small than 1 inch.that...
  7. open blm land for mining ?

    i know that everyone will say look at land matters, but i have a hard time with it. iam looking for some new places to dry wash near randsburg. any maps or idea on where there is open blm land that is ok the dry wash on? i have access to alot of land out there ,but just looking for some better...
  8. is this going to work????

    my tray is 13 x a clean up take some time.if i want to sample the cleanup it is the same.i dont have room in my truck for some just to do i made this plate to cover 6 of 9 riffles.i do have a speed control on the bellows.just tired of cleanup 100 shovels to find nothing. thanks...
  9. hungarian riffles

    will these work on a puffer , would you do all of them or just maybe half?? thanks brad
  10. dentures for the va

    iam a vietnam vet, some people tell me that i can get dentures though the va, but looking at the benefits it doesnt look like it, have any of you done this? thanks brad
  11. extra 200 dollars for social security ?

    whats the latest news on this? i know its not much, but it would big a big difference in my life.more gas money so i can get out more. please dont turn this post in to a bunch of bs ,:tongue3: thanks brad
  12. More Riffle Questions

    should they be spaced equal. are more better. my old keene on the right are allot closer than mine. i think my biggest problem is the dirt ive been trying to run is mostly gravel and not allot of dirt or sand. thanks brad
  13. adjustable dead zones

    so you guys got me thinking,so i made this dead zone plate ,that adjusts from 0 to 1/2 inch,i only did the bottom 5 rifles ,i think my top 3 are to close together to use dead zones. we just need to get back out and try it. thanks brad
  14. best rifle height, dead zones,

    so i didnt like the 7/8 rifle tray with 1/4 dead zone. i like my 1/2 with no dead zones, but always looks for something better.i run a 12 volt puffer with a 13 inch wide tray, what are you thoughts on rifles height, dead zones ,angles. spacing,and anything else that would help catch more gold...
  15. you tube question

    how do i get rid of the header on the top of the screen.i have it on full screen and you can see the top of the picture though the header,i loose 11/2 inches of picture and on my tv its allot more. i put this on here because this is the site i look at most. thanks...
  16. another week .another tray

    i build another tray with 7/8 riffles ,1/4 dead zones and and fine gold trap.the trap as a 1/4 opening on the down side to unload it,i stacked up 3 layer of muslin just under it .i will glue all the gaps with 3m.we also say its just metal so we can allway just cut it apart and try something else...
  17. i hate this dam vacuum

    i know ive brought this up before,but everytime i use it it reminds me how much it hate it,if you use pump gas and 2 stoke oil, the gas kills all the rubber i buy tru fuel at 7 dollars a works ok.the only part of of this vacuum that does not suck ,is the part that is suppose to...
  18. wheres the gold

    one of our claims near randsburg has fiddler wash come though it.on the side of it ,it has 8 -10 of sand,then a layer of caliche.some room to get under the caliche,then the wash.bed rock in this area is 300 to 500 feet down,i can believe the old times ,just dug straight down 300 plus...
  19. finally found some good bellows fabric

    got this from ebay. black 1680d ballistic cordura 60" w water repellent military dwr nylon fabric.i pail 14.50 a yard. ive been out 7 -8 times and it works great, i put a piece of plywood over the riffle tray to test and it stopped my electric leaks. i brought some of the 1000 ,but...
  20. coming home last nite

    and i didnt get hit my a train