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  1. Translate my book

    Hi friends. I am looking for a translator for my book "Galleons and sunken treasure" from Spanish or English to French for publication. If you are interested please contact me. Thank you very much. Claudio
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Strange face

    Any idea what this figure on the facade of an old building might represent?
  3. Offshore company list

    Hi guys and dolls. Any suggestions or list for companies that operate offshore and better if they have projects to recover sunken ships? Help will be appreciated. VV
  4. Who is the intruder?

    Who is the intruder? For centuries divers have been dedicated to collecting treasures from shipwrecks. This is demonstrated by this document from 1621, where the diver Juan Cabrera claims 2,160 pesos for the work carried out removing the silver from the "El Rosario" galleon. A spontaneous...
  5. The losses of 1591
  6. The Covid crisis can be overcome with the gold of the galleons
  7. Shipwrecks and treasures information

    Hello TH friends. In my you can learn first-hand information (as is my habit) about shipwrecks and treasures. Enjoy them. V.V.
  8. Ionization of gold

    What is really about the ionization of gold if it is buried and the use of ion meter? Thanks
  9. Google Earth coordinates

    Dear Friends. You know what difference or coordinate error (distance) the Google Earth has with reference to the real point. In other words, what verified equivalence does Google Earth give? All information is welcome. VV
  10. About the GEM GSM 19 Overhauser

    Hi How long does the GEM GSM-19 Overhauser Magnetometer charge last? In other words, how many hours can you work before you need to reload it? The response is appreciated. VV
  11. The largest treasure map in history
  12. Tony Jaggers's

    Hi. Do any of you know how I can contact Tony Jaggers? All information will be appreciated. VV
  13. Daily operating costs

    Hi everyone. Someone have idea of daily costs of a boat, fuel, crew, technicians for electronic tool, etc. for searches in shallow waters (galleons). In short, the daily operating costs.
  14. What about Minelab CTX 3030 Pro

    What about Minelab CTX 3030 Pro Pack?
  15. What about Minelab CTX 3030 Pro Pack?

    What about Minelab CTX 3030 Pro Pack?
  16. Finally, Bahamas!

    Finally, Bahamas!
  17. What are the best machines

    An intriguing question: In your opinion and experience, what are the best machines (metal detector, EM system, etc.) to locate depth buried metal masses. No matter the price.
  18. To verify the pervasiveness of some tool like GPR and EM system

    Hi everyone. A question. Why to verify the pervasiveness of some tool like GPR and EM system, moving the ground floor and buried metal objects the verification is negative. It is true that the buried objects have to be buried a certain time? Help is appreciated. VV
  19. Dave Horner ?

    Hi guys. Anyone know where I can contact Dave Horner? I appreciate the information. VV :occasion14:
  20. Frequency for emerald

    What is the optimal frequency to detect emeralds? Collaboration is appreciated. VV