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  1. Picking through a desert dumpsite

    time to build a shifter table,this is mine with a little 12 volt motor.
  2. ✅ SOLVED Mystery large silver coin!

    did you try the old pencil and paper trick? cool find. brad

    just a note,they close the dam sometimes .not sure how to find out there timing.or who to just with.but would be a good time to look.if you can find the right people they will tell you the closing and reopening times.good luck brad
  4. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Weapon part?

    i 2nd this
  5. ✅ SOLVED 1-1/4" Brass ball

    it looks like something you would play drums with
  6. Old Santa Fe garbage dump

    i build a screen table out of 2 pvc ,the put a small 12volt motor with a offset weight on it,works great ,just make sure you put a guard over it.good luck keep us posted brad
  7. 9/8c, Frozen Gold Sunday, Nov. 14,

    i deleted this show from my recordings ,i just couldnt take anymore of it
  8. BERING SEA GOLD - GOLD RUSH THREAD - The Home Of Nome And Beyond...

    i like all the gold shows,they make me want to get off my ass and get back out to the desert and find some more
  9. Season 9

    ok now i really hate this show,they got rid of miriam .they ready sure have kept her some how.
  10. 9/8c, Frozen Gold Sunday, Nov. 14,

    yes that was the worst mining show ever.sad becuse that looks like a cool place to be.i think i will be siding with the polar bears.
  11. if you believe in ghosts

    i tell people that dont believe in ghosts or spirits to go to a junk yard and walk around,dont really look it the will be walking along and all at once you will get chills.then look around and you will see a car that is wrecked so bad you know people died in that car.
  12. Zipline to send paydirt downhill

    wow thats so cool brad
  13. Does anyone use GPS to track where they have been?

    just to show my age. when iam doing a large area .i just drag my shovel to show were ive been. good luck brad

    wow,so cool. now get a screen and a detector in there and get it all, where these found in new york state?
  15. ✅ SOLVED Some sort of knob.. Tool handle?

    bed post topper?
  16. 🥇 BANNER My First US Gold Coin!

    wow,so cool brad


    found it. the name of the show is american gold. the legend. thanks brad
  19. ✅ SOLVED Some sort of metal thing

    need more picture ,could it be a staple remover. thats sound like the guy from oak island. brad