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  1. Skinwalker Ranch

    IMO, spurious microwaves are mutilating cattle, not UFO fliers.
  2. (2) 1979-P Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coins

    I've always preferred 1, 2, and 5$ coins, having lived in Germany for over 12 years...
  3. Chattahoochee River Cool Tubing. Wedding ring

    Reach out to "Dallmyd" (D almighty) on youtube. He scubas the Chattahoochee and finds may interesting items.
  4. Supposed Battle Between Indians & Norse Vikings in 1010 A.D. Spokane, Washington

    Could it be perhaps the "ice cave" up on 5 mile prairie? :icon_scratch:
  5. Found Minerals on my Land!

    Found a deposit of tourmaline on my land, quantity and quality yet unknown. :) 10 miles S of Spokane, on the Palouse. Note it! :)
  6. Found Minerals on my Land!

    Just wanted to share, I recently found a big mound of Tourmaline in feldspar matrix, in situ! it's common black tourmaline, behind my barn. I invited my FIL and BIL over to work the ground last fall diverting surface water and breaking ground to build flower beds for a business. They were...
  7. Help IDing a Modern LE Badge

    thank you all for taking a look! I didn't want to get arrested or harassed for taunting an LE with a chip on his shoulder!
  8. Help IDing a Modern LE Badge

    It was from Twatter, that's the best I can do from his picture. I don't want to dox him, I just want to know if he's a real LE before I tell him how I really feel.
  9. Help IDing a Modern LE Badge

    Sorry! I was tired last night. I edited the OP to include a pic. Thank you all for takin' it easy on me!
  10. Help IDing a Modern LE Badge

    Recently harassed by this person, I have a pic of their "badge," but I can't read what it says. Can anyone please help? Thank you in advance!
  11. Another Half Dollar Box and a Box or Quarters

    Picked up my Bi monthly coin delivery from the CU and didn't have any luck with Ag in either box however; I did find 3 1987 Halves 2x D and 1x P and all were in mid to high AU condition! Gold tone, no major scratches from a visual inspection, and pretty shiny. The quarter box seemed sad at...
  12. A Little Ag from the Teller Tray

    On lunch yesterday, I had a hundie in my pocket burning a hole. I stopped by a WF teller window and asked politely, if they had any dollar or half-dollar coins in their trays they wanted to get rid of. Teller handed me 7.50 in halves, and one was a 1967 40%er!
  13. Any personal opinions on the coin shortage

    Some would believe, POTUS is making good on NESARA from 1990...
  14. US Mint Releases 2020 Kennedy Half Dollars

    I'd be willing to give up FDR for Tubman, DeBois, or Douglass - I think that would be a good move.
  15. Aretha Franklins

    If it was a garage sale find, I might recommend using the wood for a nice, crackling fire, throw the CD in and start listening, while you polish those Benjis by the warm glow of the fire light! But I have to admit, that's a well intended and very nice gift!
  16. Pirates of the Pandemic and the Tale of Cartier Silver!

    Isn't sterling items like that usually plated? Is the 11ozt total weight or calculated weight? What does the 65 / 7 1/2 mark mean? I see quite a few items around my area like this, I just have no knowledge of how to assess an item's value... Thank you!
  17. Odd war trophy

    It may have been a flea market find from a GI in the 50s - 70s. Or you know, after the war, many folks used what they had for a time, until goods (and services) began coming into occupied Germany. Perhaps a family just needed a plate to eat of off, and found this (these) one(s.)
  18. Birthday ideas...can any experienced hunters help me? :)

    Tell him you've hidden a gold coin "somewhere on your body" and he gets a hour to find it. ;) Send the kiddos to the sitter and dress up ala cos-play and watch a good action movie with him. Purchase a personal birthday message from Nicholas Cage in a National Treasure theme. Or, do all three!
  19. NPDES

    can we recover the "pollutants" and if so, where would we dispose of them, otherwise?
  20. Another $1500. in Halves

    Also, I found out the half without the apparent nickel clad layer was altered chemically to remove it and not a bonafide layer-less coin.