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  1. Calcite quartz malachite or pseudoatacamite

  2. Mountain find

    Very heavy slightly magnetic
  3. Metallic rock rings like a chime, river find

    Id help. Transparent translucent
  4. Quartz family

    Im collecting specimens of what i believe are silicates.
  5. ID help, seems like zircon

    Any help is appreciated
  6. ID?

    Any help would be useful , it seems metamorphic, no reaction to hcl, very heavy, non magnetic , transparent, quartz cant scratch it.
  7. Are these edible?

    Are these edible
  8. Mountain road find

    Seems like quartz ? In a matrix?
  9. Creek find.

    Is this jasper? Its purple with remaglypts that have various colours when occupied or hollows when not. Found in a creek .
  10. River find.

    Could this be diopside?
  11. Is it jade? Is it a pyroxene massive? Any help is appreciated.

    Where the screwdriver is there is a sort of chrysotile fiber shining gold. Magnetic rock dense heavyscrewdriver cant scratch it neither can a feldspar but quartz can and only with much pressure.
  12. Rock hunting,

    Any clues?
  13. Black jadeite

  14. Meteorite??

    Could it be?
  15. Meteorite?

    No streak weathered rusty diamagnetic but not too much, no visible streak but i heard i need to file the interior for that and im hesitant.