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  1. With drawn

    there you go. post and post and post people will remove you from the discussion using the "ignore" function something to think about, if no one sees your posts that is why you'll get no responses.
  2. Glitch with MLRS closed mining claims

    or by submitting a relinquishment, in some cases they will still tax you until you do, even though people let them go by not filing.
  3. Glitch with MLRS closed mining claims

    Please STOP posting... this is an Action Alert not a discussion. . I'll explain it slowly MLRS is a front-end program to the BLM records database. One feature is if the maintenance fee due date has not rolled over to 2022 they push a button it closes all the ones without the new date. some small...
  4. Glitch with MLRS closed mining claims

    update; my claim has been changed back to "active" in MLRS but has not changed in "Reports" (SRP) Yet,,, like the LR2000, data is entered then is applied the next morning. I see it closed a lot of claims that should have been closed several years ago, I guess that will help with the backlog. if...
  5. Glitch with MLRS closed mining claims

    you have know idea what you are talking about, stop posting and posting
  6. Glitch with MLRS closed mining claims

    besides contacting the state office I also put in a trouble ticket through MLRS looks like they have to manually cancel the closure. reply; > First, let me apologize for the alarm we caused you in seeing that your claim was closed. This was a error caused by your waiver being erroneously...
  7. Glitch with MLRS closed mining claims

    check your claims, MLRS has closed some mining clams that didn't update the $ due date when a small miners waver was filed. reply from BLM >MLRS completed a process to close out all claims that didn't have the date changed to 9/1/2022. Unfortunately a lot of the claims were inadvertently closed...
  8. Alaska’s largest-ever gold nugget

    A rare and massive gold nugget, weighing around 20lbs (9kg), has been put up for sale 23 years after it was discovered and it’s expected to reach at least $1 million at an auction that takes place on Dec. 8. The Alaska Centennial Nugget, estimated at the size of a baby’s head, was discovered...
  9. California ban on small gasoline engines

    hydrogen zero emissions, supposed to be the future for generators but converting existing motors to run on hydrogen, like running on propane works, but creates to much NOx so invest in fuel cell technology, maybe we'll have small plutonium-powered flux capacitors soon.
  10. Selling the claims, whats the best quiet claim deed to use?

    I use stevens-ness forms for Oregon but the description part would be the same claim name, BLM serial number, and county book number.
  11. Ca. claim owners and researchers. heads UP!!

    still waiting for paperwork sent last year to be returned.
  12. Magnetic heavy sand

    if you had high concentrations of Monazite sands these are mined for the rare earths. its rare to have concentrations of thorium and uranium that would cause harm with short term exposure. radiation from minerals mostly just pass through the body, when you have it concentrated in an enclosed...
  13. Magnetic heavy sand

    if the gold is independent of the iron rod mill & gravity, smelt with small shavings of lead then burn off the lead by melting in a coppell (absorbs the lead) if locked in sulfides, supper fine grind and leach, flotation, halide leach basically bleach, all depends on converting sulfides...
  14. Bought some paydirt

    Following. :happy1::happy1::happy1:
  15. Claim with missed maintenance fee / waiver

    to research a persons other claims run a customer info report, Name in all cap's, "all" under disposition after the search comes back the first set of numbers is the claim # second is the lead file, I find the lead file groups claims that are filed around...
  16. Claim with missed maintenance fee / waiver

    look at his other claims for money received, sometimes it shows up as the first claim in their filing. if it was a missed payment and he usually pays then its probably open, if they usually file a waver then BLM will send a notice to pay but it is from when they send the notice. county is no...
  17. Inlet size for a suction nozzle?

    they have a steel washer welded in (5/8th hole?) then the tube welded over that to the threaded intake 2" or since you say 5" nozzle probably a 3" to power a 5" nozzle you will need a 3x4 pump 11hp to 18hp + you can go with a smaller pump if everything is under water like feeding a sub-dredge
  18. Precision Dredge

    saw one on the closed FB group California/Nevada Gold mining, easiest to search FB for Wyatt Yeager the guy in the suit, the new name is Savana Mining Equipment they also have a youtube channel. . . . .