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  1. Isla Mujeres Vacation. Big Gold!

    This trip was the CZ20.
  2. Has anyone been traveling...

    Heading back to Mexico in two weeks. Went in November and got a nice 17.8g 10k ring. Can’t wait to get into that warm clear water again! Got on the first time locally and managed this Barber Half. My first in 35 years.
  3. 🏆 HONORABLE MENTION Okinawa Finds- Class ring (returned) + Gold

    That’s the BEST! Always a great feeling to re-unite a lost ring to its owner!! Great job!
  4. XP Orx Top 7 beach detectors.

    No offense intended. However, that list is missing a few giants...
  5. Isla Mujeres Vacation. Big Gold!

    Yes. That was my thought. Or, a trade school or something. Either way, a chunk of gold!!
  6. Isla Mujeres Vacation. Big Gold!

    Annual vacation to Isla Mujeres Mexico was a bit disappointing. 9 Days. Rainy and windy all but about two hours. Post hurricane and tropical storm. Found a spot where beach had eroded about thirty feet. Started finding older pesos from the seventies and early eighties. This honker popped out...
  7. First beach hunt in two years

    You should get out more often!!��
  8. Gold with ice, silver and my first shield nickel

    Very nice!! Close up pics of the gold please!
  9. What to do with Apple Watch?

    Claire, I found a nice one about two years ago. There are videos on YouTube showing how to reset them without a pass code. I bought a charger and it worked great. So, if you can’t find the owner, have at it!
  10. I'm Impressed!

    I held out for a while. I don't think I'm going to submerse it. Just use it on the slope and dry sand as well as Terra firma. But, man, I couldn't believe how well it performed.
  11. I'm Impressed!

    Finally got out to take my new Equinox 800 for its maiden spin. Took me a few minutes to adjust the settings and sync the headphones. I hunted the slope in Ocean City, MD. Wow! The hype is real! Being a life long CZ20/CZ21 beach hunter, I was apprehensive about this newcomer to the detector...
  12. Last week & Half, 11 Gold!!!

    Very nice!!!
  13. A Beach Hunter's Enduring Wonderment

    I've pondered this question often. One theory I have, especially with the zinc's, is that they are so light, that they haven't buried themselves so deep in the sand. Hence, more readily and easily detected. After a cut has developed, it seems if a penny is to be found, it is more likely a...
  14. " Claim Jumpers. "

    A true water or beach detectorist knows the "rules," and will follow protocol. Usually, a newbie has no clue. I've done all the above when one has invaded my "space." I really find that they're usually no threat. What really ticks me off, though, is when someone who knows better, jumps in front...
  15. So here they come !

    It depends on my mood. Sometimes I interact with them and take the time to explain our hobby. I've also told people that I work for the city and am searching to recover bottle caps. The funny thing is, most people thank me for my service!!
  16. Suggestions as to beach scoops

    No "con" for a long handled scoop. A must for Beach detecting! Like ColonelDan, I use the Stealth (920). They are a bit pricey but do have a lifetime warranty and will totally reduce your recovery time. I absolutely love mine!
  17. Tips for Finding Rings in Ocean City MD?

    I go down every year several times but usually as OBN said only during peak times. I hunt mainly on the slope and get in when conditions allow, which isn't very often. I can usually muster up a gold ring or two, but it's hard work. Probably 100 or more coins to each ring. Also, a lot of...
  18. New Equinox 600 leaked

    I bought the 800 to use exlusively on wet/dry sand and Terra firma. Not going to dunk it. If I'm going in, CZ20/21 all the way. Proven perfomance.
  19. Palau is first country to ban 'reef toxic' sun cream

    Most Carribean destinations require the use of non-toxic reef safe lotions. Always keep a bottle with me.