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  1. Having trouble posting new messages (WAS: Hello from alabama11)

    Been a member for 5 years. Having trouble posting new messages.
  2. Silver and Gold

    Hunting HUD as usual. Got a golden ring 14 carat round. Then a silver 1962 dime. Thought the place hunted out over the last year, but I didn't do so good. at that. GOING BACK TOMORROW. Thanks for looking.
  3. 1999 D Lincoln with a cold

    This is an odd one and I hope it means Something. Thanks to all who view this post.
  4. ROTC pin

    It is a coolish day, must hunt. Could be 100 degrees next week. Got the ROTC Pin at Hud today and fed the cat too. The circle of metal in the center of the object is almost as big as a quarter. Best to all.
  5. A silver pendent

    Hunting HUD again and laying on the surface was the back of a pendant. Thought it probably was silver as it was clean. Turned it over expecting Charlie Brown or a Disney character and it was an angel. A pretty exciting moment. Sent to a good friend and TNET guy and he said the text says GOD...
  6. Some odds and ends

    Sometimes, you must be happy with brass and oddities. Got these at the HUD where I have been hunting a year. A wheat and 1 quarter and 7 copper pennies found. When I get to the end I dig everything. Soil is wet and Confederate artifacts have been found. Just found out an 1892 Presbyterian church...
  7. A brass rivet with with a star on it.

    Found yesterday, where both civil war and Spanish American history were nearby. Anyone have some knowledge for this one. Best, to all.
  8. Torch pin

    Hello to all, This was found where the ww1 engineering pin was found. The back piece is broken off. Seems to be brass. Anyone seen one of these before. Thanks for looking.
  9. A military pin

    Hot day, but this military pin showed up in 5 minutes. Anyway a stack of sod was watching me. As soon as rain comes its over on this place. Anyone think the harmonica board is super old or 20th century. Lots of civil war sites around here. [ATTACH=CONFIG]1927167[/ATT
  10. A silver baby ring today

    Hunting a great place in its final days. Got a little squeak and thought it was something deep- but not so. A union camp was here and 1960 Military housing so anything is possible. Have found a flying eagle 1858 and cw bullet too. A silver baby ring maybe.
  11. brass what is it from my yard

    There are some fruit jars in the area and a house was here before 1950. Anyone have an input. Similar to a tent grommet, but to big. Thanks for looking.
  12. a very old coin that s unreadable

    Been working a place I hunted for years, progress is catching up so pipes are going in. Still I know at the end the old coins come. Already got an 1836 half dime and cw sites are present. Today I got to the place and was sad at the condition after a 7 inch rain. Hunted about an hour an a half...
  13. What is it

    This object is iron. Has a hole in the center, a pointed end and a chisel bit end. Length is 8 inches. Found this in a back yard of 1940 or earlier neighborhood house.
  14. Hunt at a new friends yard results in silver

    I was surprised and pleased to find some silver today. The equinox is treating me good. Thanks for looking.
  15. A iron spur from the right place.

    At a known CW site where a friend had found 50 bullets I got this spur yesterday. My question is does being a wrought iron piece mean it's certainly that old to be from CW. Thanks for looking.
  16. Silver today

    Got some coins in a muddy place. Thanks for looking.
  17. John F. Kennedy coin.

    Found at a housing area. Not a 90 percent silver piece. Maybe a plated piece. The reverse said Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what can you do for your country. "God Bless America"
  18. First silver coinage of 2021

    Finally getting silver, but good result for the Equinox. This makes my 26th silver coin, but 25 were from the AtPro so the Learning curve is underway. I am more of a relic hunter. Probably missed lots of silver.Thanks for looking.
  19. What is the brass thingy. Thanks for looking.

    Found at HUD housing.
  20. Small Brass shield ornament found today

    The back has 3 lines of text characters, but foggy looking. The front has a symbol. Anyone have a clue. Thanks for looking.