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  1. Lucky day, gold, silver, Silver flatwareand, and Accutron watch band.

    Awesome day! I’m seeing fewer and fewer flatware sets like that! I find that at the big community sales it’s usually just like that - one or two sales produce most of my finds, even if I hit 30 of them. I wonder if it’s because it’s hard to be “first” at more than a few or if that’s just the hot...
  2. Estate Sale HeiHei

    That’s hilarious! Yeah probably a model / mold / QC number. Looks middle 20th century to me. Maybe 1960s?
  3. Slow in here

    It’s been crazy slow in here and thrift shop sub forum. Is it the pandemic? Just wondering. I used to look forward to seeing all the new finds over the weekend but last year has been dead. I know for me one real issue was the loss of the app. But I’ll try to do a better job posting even the not...
  4. ✅ SOLVED Really unusual silver chain

    That's awesome! Thanks so much ARC. I would love to know how you found that. I was looking for about an hour and a half and came up empty.
  5. ✅ SOLVED Really unusual silver chain

    I’m trying to identify this unusual chain. It’s solid sterling silver. It has what I can only describe as “dots” all over it. Weighs 97.6 grams. Any thoughts on the style or region of manufacture? Unmarked and unsigned. I feel like I've seen it somewhere before - maybe on vacation in the...
  6. Turquoise Cuff

    It’s hard to say - depends on where you sell it, Assuming it’s not a well known artist, I think I could get $30-$40 on the spot at a pawnshop, $90 at a local flea market, maybe $125 on eBay and I’m fairly confident I’d get $250 in my Etsy shop and probably $300+ at one the upscale annual jewelry...
  7. Inlaid wooden table & chairs, Eastern European?

    Its very nice. I read recently in the Financial Times that antiques are "back in style" and certain pieces are soaring in price. For as long as I can remember, most of the estate sale companies and auction houses by me could barely give away antique or antiqu-ish pieces. They were relegated to...
  8. Early Baseball Player photo Who IS this??????

    wow from the photo treasurekid posted the nose and ears sure look right. I saw an episode of some "CSI type" show where they said ear matching is as good as finerprint matching. Maybe you could blow up a photo of the ear from your photo and known ty cobb and then compare them?
  9. Finally some gold

    That is a wonderful gold haul!
  10. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Trash or Treasure? Unusual high relief bowl

    That's an awesome ID! Thank you so much. I love it. I'm definitely keeping it now. Amazing that I'm looking at this thing over here googling "story bowl" "high relief bowl" "german figural bowl" "PA Dutch green glazed bowl" etc etc etc and then you guys answer it in 5 minutes. I can't...
  11. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Trash or Treasure? Unusual high relief bowl

    I was looking for something in the basement and came across this bowl I picked up a while back. I reminds me of the type of designs you see on the outside of German beer steins, but the relief is on the inside of the bowl. It has a green glaze and beneath that it looks like stoneware or...
  12. Coin silver spoons....why no forks?

    What sweet haul of old silver! Red-Coat that's an amazing little analysis you did.
  13. Gorgeous Jewelry

    Garage sale season is in full swing here in my area. Found some really gorgeous pieces this morning. We usually get stuff to scrap, but these are nice resale pieces. The earrings are 18k and they’re weighty at 15g so may scrap. The bracelet im pegging at 1900-1930s. Sapphires and old cut...
  14. Bayonet?

    looks little bit like a vintage fridge door handle.
  15. Thoughts on how old this ring might be?

    Looks like high karat gold. I can't make out the marks, but I would agree with the comment above - I'm thinking 1910s-1940s.
  16. More Silver

    Most of the original oneida patters do pretty well. If you just go on ebay and search vintage oneida, then sort by what sold. I've sold dinner forks for $45 a pop on really sought after brands. Also check out the "cube" mark Oneida patterns. Here's good example...
  17. ✅ SOLVED Ancient Coin in 14k Bezel - real or repro?

    Thank you everyone for the detailed information and insights. Very, very much appreciated - especially red coat for all that info. Back-of-the-boat - it does look like a sprue. I didn’t think of that until you said it but it really does. I’m happy with it and I’ll put in the “probably real” camp.
  18. ✅ SOLVED Ancient Coin in 14k Bezel - real or repro?

    I was able to do some detecting on Sunday at a local private beach. This was definitely the ?treasure? of the day. It?s a coin a solid 14k gold bezel. Maybe a charm or pendant. I?m trying to figure out if that coin is real. I believe (based on googling around) that it wants to be an Alexander...
  19. Large Garage Sale Silver Haul w/ Chinese Export Stuff

    The mahjong set has to be worth a bundle no? I remember seeing them on antiques roadshow. $500?
  20. For the Folks doing weighted sterling calculations

    Very happy to pick this pair of sticks up this morning. They were $5.00 but half price today at $2.50 because second day. Sitting on top of a dresser in a bedroom with candles in them. It looks like nobody showed up for the sale yesterday :hello2:. Anyway - 2 lbs 1.4 oz as made and a...