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  1. "Peoples" Ghost Town, Tremont Township, Schuylkill County

    Looking forward to seeing your finds! I really love that nosy newspaper article 😆
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Metal Cube of Unknown Substance. Tiny yet Very Heavy. What is it?

    Lead world have been my guess, but with those measurements, the density is approximately .8 lb/in3, which is twice lead
  3. What Florida County do you live in?

    I'm in Volusia County! Nice to see so many others around where I live
  4. I never thought I would ever find one! 1851 US Gold Coin - BINGO!

    Beautiful!! This is the stuff that keeps me digging! :laughing7:
  5. 🥇 BANNER My First US Gold Coin!

    Absolutely gorgeous coin! And that's in amazing condition, too! Congrats!!
  6. Who has tried an OKM detector?

    If your target is gold, would it be better to use one of the gold detectors on the market? I don't have experience with them or even with gold hunting at all, but I keep reading that gold, especially deep, is somewhat trickier to pick up than other targets. So having a detector that's been...
  7. Off brand coils

    Thanks for the recommendation! I'll keep an eye out for one of those that will fit the sovereign! And check to see if my local shop has one. There's a Kellyco showroom only an hour away! But what I'm really wondering is if I compare a 15" NEL Attack and some other 15" DD coil made by a less...
  8. Off brand coils

    I detect mostly on the beach for coins and jewelry. I'd love to detect inland by old houses and such, but haven't yet gained the courage to go ask!
  9. Off brand coils

    Good idea! I live in East Central Florida, where beach detecting is pretty big, so I'm sure I'll be able to find some local stores.
  10. Off brand coils

    I'm fairly new to the hobby and own a Minelab Sovereign XS2A Pro detector I purchased on ebay a few years ago. The coil that came with the detector looks like a coiltek coil (mold patterns, case color) but has no identifying marks such as labels or serial number that I can use to verify its bona...