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  1. Gold?

    I will do that here in a few more hours but umm I actually believe I might have just stumbled onto something very many different ways
  2. Gold?

    By the way I am hoping those are gold...I mean really how many different things can I have that look just like not to mention....the other similar qualities...lolol
  3. Gold?

  4. Gold?

    By the way I would sell that one lolol
  5. Gold?

    Soooo we on the same page now orbagaian eh?
  6. Gold?
  7. Gold?

    Resized link gets ya there lolol got lots a pictures really
  8. Gold?

    Grrr <a href=""><img src="" alt="20211016-061404-resized" border="0"></a>
  9. Gold?

    This one is a real decent looking piece and has size
  10. Gold?

    Not those second will snap a picture
  11. Gold?

    I also got some nice blue agate with nice gold lines running through an along the outside but also have many different rocks gold that all resemble from what I've seen the mineral color combination...
  12. Gold?

    Umm that's with low lighting and no flash hold on I mean that one is 44 grams I guess I could smash it but damn
  13. Gold?

    Sorry it took a minute hit a gold mine loolol jokes jokes
  14. Gold?

  15. Gold?

    Wouldn't let me upload the other pics but will right after