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  1. Gold Hog mats in a dredge?

    Anyone use Hog mats in their dredge? I'm thinking about replacing some some metal riffles.
  2. WX10?

    Anyone ever use a WX10 pump for a highbanker? I found one cheap at a yard sale.
  3. Water heater question

    So my creek is still a raging white water river with the runoff I am fixing on doing a little highbanking and want to use my dredge pump which has a water heater on its exhaust, is it safe to run the pump without running water through the heat exchanger?
  4. Gas station fried chicken

    Good stuff
  5. Laboratory elutriation set up

    So as far as I can tell that thread about the pros and cons of an elutriation set up was shut down by the moderators due to members asking questions about how the moderators do their moderating thing. It was a long thread that actually contained a lot of information of interest to me and I am...
  6. Home built dredge frame

    I'm in the process of revamping my 4", I put together a frame out of unistrut and conduit pipe like in Reeds videos, this style frame would work great with my old crash box but I have replaced it with a homemade ABS flare which is longer flatter and can be adjusted up and down for angle, I'd...
  7. Gould highbanker Winners posted the old gould engineering website in response to a question on dredge theory, I havent looked at it in a while, fun reading. Anyways I saw the highbanker has anyone on here ever seen one in person?
  8. Pallet wood puffer

    Built myself a new drywasher made almost entirely from a pallet, I wanted a more portable washer to take with me sniping bedrock. Well wouldn't ya know I get it all fixed up and its supposed to rain this weekend when I was going to go to my spot :BangHead:
  9. Running a water heater.

    I have a water heater coming in the mail, the kind that goes off your engine exhaust. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of what not to do. I was also curious if I can get away with a thinner suit with the hot water, I have been using 7mil farmer john style suit which wears me out...
  10. patching holes in pontoons

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience patching holes in old Keene pontoons? I have some old pontoons that have holes on the top from where the old frame bolted on. I want to strap them onto a unistrut frame.
  11. Gast 263 parts?

    I just picked up a DK nugget pump at the local pawn shop, it has a fairly beat up Gast 263? compressor mounted on there and was wondering if anyone knew where to get parts, specifically one of the heads I guess you would call it. The DK Nugget pump looks alright, its 2.5 in 2 out I want to use...
  12. DIY header box

    So I have an opportunity to legally dredge this summer so I was thinking about making some upgrades to my old 4". I want to replace my crashbox header with a flare, I feel there will be less churning of the slurry and will be able to operate better in shallow water not having my jet stick down...
  13. Mystery mine

    Found this guy while out on an unsuccessful deer hunt. Was chasing a small creek when I found an old trash pile, old cans pieces of old shoes, in the trash I found the lid from a carbide can, well I thought where there is smoke there might be fire and quickly lost interest in deer lol. It looks...
  14. Hookah tanks and sluice questions.

    Hookah reserve tanks, I want to replace my plastic keene tank or add another so I can breath deeper, is there a max size for a T80? Apart from beer/soda kegs are there any other alternative tank options? My dredge is almost as old as the hills and has these really flimsy latches on the sluice...
  15. Homemade footvalve?

    Has anyone here made their own foot valve? I picked up one of those keene 4/3 pumps and 4" footvalves aren't exactly cheap lol.
  16. New to me pump

    Picked this guy up today, opinions?
  17. Vortxrex/jet orifice

    Hey there everyone. I purchased the plans for the Vortxrex dryland dredge off of ebay and have been working away at them. I am just about ready to slap the outer manifold on but just for the sake of my nerves want to make sure i drilled the jets the right size. In the video Dave says 1/4 inch...
  18. What the heck happened to Geocommunicator?!

    I tried to reference PLSS today on Geocommunicator and found the BLM replaced it with something called Navigator and it is terrible, it doesn't have a PLSS layer. they have you download a layer for google earth which is so crappy I cannot even read the section numbers. What gives?
  19. Looking for a gold divers pump

    Hello all, I'm looking for a Gold Divers 1556 pump for a gold dredge project. Thanks!