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  1. 2 spots 2 points 2 days

    Wished I could find a Metal one.
  2. Cold!!!

    We metal detectors around here have to wait till maybe April too much snow,.........1 1/2 feet with daily highs being 30 - 40 , lows 0-15 ....snow not melting fast enough by the time the NEXT STORM shows up
  3. the 3-foot grasshopper

    Can't imagine the size fish your gonna hook with one of those also!
  4. How did you hear about - Treasure Hunting Community

    Among the best ARROWHEAD info site I've run upon...with some pretty good collectors giving their knowlege so I can improve MINE.
  5. Civil war what a travesty and needless deaths

    How's that old saying go...."you can't know your future ,if you don't know your past history" and how to improve upon it.
  6. For the sake of "normalcy"

    I'm getting restless ...too much snow to deal with for we metal detectors right this minute around here...and one can only ski soo much..................
  7. Clueless about those pesky picks.

    Those small military collapsible shovels really do the trick for me....Nice hard serated blade on one side and a Pick-like at the other end.
  8. Authentic Quartz Effigy?

    To find a stone with a face etched into it would be really exciting to me. Around here and south into TEXAS I find things called "Pathos" usually a diamond/triangle shaped piece of obsidian not very large at all but I understand Native Americans used to carry them around for "good luck" or...
  9. It's Never Too Cold For Gold....Even If The Pan Freezes The Water In It

    Just a little north of you and I understand that, and 6 feet of snow to add to the search if I care to dig around that COLD STUFF
  10. Confederate GA State Seal, Rare Blob Soda Bottle and Buckles

    That's one nice bottle, what a find!
  11. Couple more Artifacts

  12. FBI steals gold in cave?

    Too many stories that involve Uncle Sam seizing Treasure from the FINDERS, Got to keep quiet or loose it all.
  13. Beef bone broth

    I work at a warehouse that received a PALLET of bone broth by mistake from the shipper. They told us to keep it, it would cost more to re-route it. We handed it out to everybody around here then donated the rest to The Salvation Army. Good STuff with Gravy Prime ribs, SOUP!
  14. I thought the worse thing they could say was no…

    Keep this in mind while your did this the RIGHT WAY, you have got to be proud of the fact, YOU ASKED...soo many do not. Continue asking ,since you've been rejected by ONE isn't a reason to stop or be dis-couraged and most likely will happen again, but there are plenty more who...
  15. Bigfoot anyone encounter the creature when detecting?

    The day he comes up to shake my hand out in the middle of nowhere, that's the day I'll believe in the myth.
  16. Today while working I found this anchor and would love to learn more about it. Any help would be appreciated. Location - New Brunswick Canada.

    I've seen many cannons and ship parts around Fort Fisher area North Carolina that had a preservation TANK filled with salt water that was changed every so often till the fresh water got rid of most of the salt destruction. IT DOES take a very long time but its about the best you can do. I've...
  17. Victorio Peak Documents, Symbols and Artifacts

    Agreed but from all the "OTHER" stories concerning what might have the apaches hiding gold looted from stage coaches/settlers/ or this point in time anything was possible....even outlaws hiding the booty It seems like a heck of a lot to melt that much down...
  18. The batteries are pulled, the console and coil have been wiped down,……..

    Here we have four feet of "global Warming" putting its anual damper on metal dectecting till spring(?) maybe. PLENTY more forecasted
  19. Wagon Wheel?

    Wagon wheel hoop or Barrel stave