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  1. Treasure Magazine, Dents Run Gold, 1974-75

    A few days ago, Carl-NC asked when the earliest stories were written about the gold. These are the earliest I have, there could very likely be issues before these. The first one was published in July 1974 "26 Missing Pennsylvania Gold Ingots". The 2nd issue was February, 1975, "A Treasure and...
  2. "Do-Not-Call"

    After years of getting spam calls, up to 15 a day, I finally signed up for Do Not Call, back in Nov. I confirmed when I got a notice in my Email. Do-Not-Call does not work. I still get numerous calls every day. Here it is 3P.M. and I 've got 7 spam calls already. How do you permanatley get rid...
  3. ✅ SOLVED Neon tubes? Vaccuum tubes? or other?

    I got these at an auction. The guy was involved with neon tubes and vacuum tubes. Other glass viles have red wire in them. They are 6" long. Probably an obsolete item. Any ideas?
  4. Best Offer

    When I'm listing an item and check the preview, Best Offer is always on my listing. I have to go back and delete that. I don't want it on there. When my item automatically relists, the Best Offer comes back on and I have to delete it again. How do I get rid of the Best Offer permanently? Thanks.
  5. 1859 Sharps Pistal...WWII P.O.W. spoon...coyote kill

    I was 2 miles back in the woods detecting along an old trail and got a solid hit. Out popped this 1859 Sharps pistal. It's only half a gun, the 4 barrels are missing. My oldest relic so far. I stopped at a WWII Prisoner of War camp and only detected for a short time as there were too many nails...
  6. Who knows muzzle loaders

    I found this barrel 10 years ago and I think it's time to get it ID. It's an octagon barrel, 36" long. I was able to fit a .359 drill bit in the muzzle. What caliber would this be. I know it's difficult to put a time frame on something, but any ideas on the era.
  7. ✅ SOLVED For the horse shoe experts out there

    I have found dozens of horse shoes, but don't bring any home unless they are corrective shoes. This one is different. It has thin strips of metal on the upper side. What would be the purpose of these.
  8. ✅ SOLVED Metal item with 3 set screws

    This came out of the ground at an old logging site. At first I thought it might be a saw set, but it would be difficult to use for that purpose. It is 12" long. Evidently it had a wooden handle on it at one time. There is a copper ferrule that would have held the handle on. Good grief,I wasn't...
  9. ✅ SOLVED At first I thought it was a key chain

    But it's not. I was cleaning my house and came across this. No one in my family seems to know where it came from. A magnet will not stick to it. Any ideas.
  10. ✅ SOLVED Bottle No. 2 ??

    What kind of bottle is this. The white thing in the lip looks like an unmelted piece of sand.
  11. Bottle??? No.1

    What kind of bottle is this. Thanks.
  12. Gun Powder

    Why is it here in Penna that black powder is locked up in a safe and smokeless powder is displayed out in the open?
  13. Need help with a bayonet

    I bought this bayonet years ago at a gun show and now thanks to TreasureNet, maybe I can get some info on it. It is 22" long.
  14. Eye ball find from the lumbering era

    Well, I set out yesterday up a large tributary run to take photos of water, snow and ice. I had walked a couple hundred yards and noticed a fresh washed out bank. I always check wash-outs because they are excellant places to find old items. Only after about 10 seconds of looking, I found a pin...
  15. Cooking iron in the oven

    Over the years on Treasurenet I have read where people cook iron in the oven to get rid of moisture, after electrolysis. From several hours, up to 8 hours. Correct me if I'm wrong, but iron isn't porous like wood and any water would not saturate into it. I use a propane torch to evaporate water...