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  1. Ace 400 First Impressions.... ... FAIL

    There is a simple fix for the volumn, which I do with my Ace 250. Duct tape, one or 2 pieces, how ever quiet you want it. I did this 16 years ago with my 250, and just recently bought another 250. Duct tape does wonders!
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Strange shoe

    My first thought was a link for a link and pin train coupler, narrow gauge maybe. Might be too light for that.
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED maybe a wedge?

    It looks like an old rasp. There are diagonal lines on it.
  4. Way to cold

    48 cold? I was out detecting yesterday for 5 hours and it was 28 degrees. The water in my truck bed was froze solid. I'm going out again today. Supossed to be up to 42. Too warm for me.
  5. Searched along an old logging trail in the woods behind my house

    They are felling wedges. The wedges would be pounded into the saw kerf to prevent the crosscut saw from being pinced. The logging era here in Pa was from the early 1880's to early 1900's. The items you found are same style I find here.
  6. Detectorist Digging Without Permission

    If the guy was on a sidewalk or road, he can take all the photos he wants of your equipment, house or anything on your property. The only thing he could be charged with is loitering. If he was actually standing on your property, then he could be charged with trespassing.
  7. This is not good!

    Head first or feet first.
  8. Are my eyes fooling me

    Tom??????????? How did you sneak back in here???? I thought you were banned for eternity.
  9. Coil Covers - Skid Plates, Why You Should Use One

    Years ago I had a coil cover on my coil and destroyed it from banging it on rocks. Haven't used one since.
  10. What Pennsylvania County do you live in?

    Uh-Oh, you're going to upset other Cambria County residents.:laughing7:
  11. Some old iron.

    Neat iron, we need more. Seeing the same old coins all the time gets monotonous.
  12. It was a BIG iron and brass kinda day today.. I'm whipped .. pistol whipped that is!

    I'm wondering if that hunk of iron with a ring on top woud be a goat weight-if there is such a thing. It's too smal to be a horse weight.
  13. What is Bronze Silver and Gold Member on

    Over the years there have been a couple discussions on members only writing "nice find". It does get old in a hurry, only posting "nice find".
  14. Moldy Package Found on 1963 Gettysburg Battlefield contained $54,200.00 Cash

    It would be interesting to know the follow-up on this story.
  15. Lost PA GOLD

    One hundred years from now people will believe this story. if it's on the internet, it's true.
  16. Wife fixed my MD.

    Hmmmm, my wife is concerned if I don't go detecting, she says it's a great activity.
  17. Gray Squirrels

    I have fencing around my garden. Woodchucks are excellant diggers, they dig under the fencing. A bear knocked over a 6ft tall fence and ate my corn. I have netting over my blueberries, birds have a knack for finding the smallest opening and getting in to eat the berries. A dead end job...really...
  18. Gray Squirrels

    Hunting and pest control are 2 different things. I hunt and obey the hunting regulations. Pest control is not hunting It's protecting your crops. From the Pennsylvania Hunting and Trapping Digest. "Protection is removed from wildlife when personal property, other then an agricultural crop, is...
  19. Gray Squirrels

    We have a lot of squirrels in the woods here, but they don't bother my garden. It's the dang chipmunks that eat my strawberries and blueberries. Rat traps are very effective at getting rid of them. And the woodchucks, eating my wifes flowers and the young plants in my garden. I had to replant...
  20. Treasure Magazine, Dents Run Gold, 1974-75

    Folktale is the word Jeff. Even back then the old timers around here, may they all rest in peace ,RIP, commented on how some of the articles Francis wrote were more or less fabrications.