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  1. Anybody buying CRYPTO like DOGE Coin?

    The crypto bubble has burst. Get out while you can. If Russia bans it, that's 144 million people who will be selling their stash ASAP.
  2. Is there anything better than a good cup of coffee?

    Never like coffee. I'll have one cup a month at Dunkin Donuts, but that's it. I do drink at least six cups of tea a day to get my caffeine fix, though.
  3. Does anyone use GPS to track where they have been?

    I keep it simple. I make a mental note of landmarks when I find a good spot. Downed tree, large rock nearby or something similar. I also use triangulation to keep track of spots. Lots of landmarks in the woods to make it relatively easy to find a spot that produced for you in the past.
  4. Deus II ,who is buying?

    I just hate to see people duped every six months with the latest and greatest metal detector. Remember that there are people posting here who are metal detector dealers or have friends and family who sell them. Don't believe everything thing you read. Most of it is hype and baloney. As for me...
  5. Deus II ,who is buying?

    You sound like a metal detector dealer or someone who is gullible enough to buy a dealer's sales pitch. I know many detectorists with $200 to $500 detectors who do WAY better than the guys who flush thousands on the hobby. You can't buy you way into finding coins and relics from the 1700's. You...
  6. Bigfoot anyone encounter the creature when detecting?

    Sorry for being a killjoy. The real bottom line is there's no way to 100% disprove Bigfoot. New species of animals are still being found to this day. Scientists have also found species of animals that were once thought to be extinct. Too many places to hide in this world if you're an animal and...
  7. Deus II ,who is buying?

    I checked your posts over the past year, but didn't see any significant finds. How about showing us some pics? I'd love to see 2k in gold and silver. I mainly hunt deep in the woods, so gold finds are rare for me. I do find a lot of silver coins and rings, but definitely less than $500 a year. I...
  8. Bigfoot anyone encounter the creature when detecting?

    Yeti footprints have been faked for decades. Not hard to do. Show me one clear photo of a bigfoot and I'll be a believer. Way too many people outdoors with phones and GoPros now. Someone would have taken some good footage by now.
  9. Deus II ,who is buying?

    I'll let the other guys have an "edge" on me when it comes to detecting. You'll need one heck of an advantage to justify spending $1,600 every six months for the latest metal detector. Reminds me of the guys who spend $200 on a softball bat, but still stink at softball! Throwing money at this...
  10. Bigfoot anyone encounter the creature when detecting?

    There's 300 million people in the U.S. with a cellphone tied to their hip, but not one good photo has ever been taken of a Bigfoot. That to me is irrefutable proof that it doesn't exist.
  11. Deus II ,who is buying?

    Anyone who thinks they're a professional metal detectorist is a dreamer, in my opinion. Very few people make a living metal detecting. I do it for fun. Trying to make a living out of it would ruin the fun for me. If I spent $1,600 on a machine, I would be so angry every time I struck out. I'd be...
  12. Deus II ,who is buying?

    For $1,600.00, you could buy 976 silver dimes, 389 silver quarters, 195 silver halves or 91 silver dollars. I don't care how good this machine may be, you'll never find anywhere near that much silver with it. Just my take on spending that much for a metal detector...
  13. This metal detecting thing is so addictive I’m going running out of ground

    The good stuff is in places that no one wants to detect. Swampy areas, spots overgrown with brush, spots off the beaten path and a mile in the woods. The really good spots are the ones with no modern day trash (especially aluminum). If I start to find aluminum, I move on to another spot. The...
  14. Way to cold

    Yup, detecting in hot and humid weather is not for the weak...
  15. Way to cold

    The cold weather separates the men from the boys in the metal detecting world. Anyone can lounge on a sunny beach looking for rings (boring), but it takes some intestinal fortitude to detect in sub-40 degree weather looking for colonial relics. I guess the bottom line is whether you're serious...
  16. What Inspired you to Metal Detect?

    I liked digging for old bottles and always got annoyed at all the rusty cans mixed in with them. But then I realized they were a blessing in disguise. I could locate bottle dump sites that were hidden from view with a metal detector. Most dump sites are obvious because no one bothers to...
  17. Gray Squirrels

    Squirrels are rodents, like mice and rats. Do you eat mice and rats as well? They are all carriers of diseases because they have fleas and ticks on them. Not worth the risk to eat them. Got this from the Critter Control website:
  18. At pro

    I've run into a few baseball fields that used to be dump sites. I'll get a mid to high 70's signal and dig forever. I eventually find a flattened aluminum beer can a foot down (or more) for my effort. My rule on those spots is to dig a couple to be sure and then ignore those deep 70's signals...
  19. Tied my oldest coin

    Finding coins from the 1600's is a whole different level of detecting. Nine years detecting in New England and still no 1600's coins for me. My oldest to date is a 1723 Rosa Americana. Congrats!