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  1. MASSIVE 6 OZ GOLD CHAIN***$$$6,000+

    I agree with this most likely being fake. Go online and watch a video of how these chains are made. Real gold chains need the links soldered together. Part of this is because of the process of putting the chain through a roller which stretches and bends the links shapes. Then it is filed to...
  2. a word or two about Circuses

    You beat me to it(great little write up by the way), I would like to add though that those early circus events seem to have evolved from the actions from early western explorers such as captain cook. They brought back never before seen "wonders" from newly explored areas. These wonders included...
  3. Iron mystery

    Yes sir I agree, nice id
  4. ✅ SOLVED Any ideas what this is part of, or what it was attached to?

    NO problem, but the real thanks goes the "what is it" forum for teaching me this
  5. ✅ SOLVED Any ideas what this is part of, or what it was attached to?

    this was a toy squirt gun, had a hollow rubber bulb/ball on the end at one point
  6. 2 Seated Kinda Day...XP DEUS II

    can't argue with seated! nice job
  7. Georgia find

    take the money and run!
  8. lower back pain on beach

    Find a neighbor kid that is interested in what you do and recruit him as your digger! all else fails bribe him with 10 cents for each hole dug or something
  9. 1880s buttons showing train locomotives with coal cars, river boat and a train lantern

    very neat! never seen anything like them before.
  10. 🥇 BANNER Bucket List Seated Quarter - it's a good one!

    congrats! seated quarters don't pop up too often!
  11. 🥇 BANNER Appalachian Pirate Treasure!!! 8 Reale!!

    That is an amazing site that I think you will find hard to beat!
  12. Blue Clay Western NY

    i am in western ny on the pa border, we have grey/blue clay everywhere around me. we also have so much iron clay there was a huge terracotta industry here as well.
  13. Imagine finding an underwater treasure, then this happens

    This is dangerous... removing history has never gone well. Rather those icons should be widely taught with proper context to everyone so as not to repeat our mistakes.
  14. Imagine finding an underwater treasure, then this happens

    I still never get how the Spanish get to claim all this after stealing it from others and losing it in the process? That gov't deserves nothing.
  15. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED What is it???

    Well ill be damned, another something I have never heard of! Amazing id plug n play
  16. Crazy 1800’s On/Off Site Round 2

    once again a great hunt!
  17. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Skeleton key w/o a bow?

    I feel like i know this but just can't place it .... i would agree probably not a key for a lock....
  18. Deus stolen

    Man people suck, sorry to hear that.
  19. Please ID if possible.

    Na they are old organ reeds. Missing the thin piece of metal that vibrated when air was pushed through the opening. You can see some of it still rivited onto the piece st the bottom
  20. Please ID if possible.

    Those would be old reeds to an organ or something like tht