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  1. Merry Christmas To All

    Merry Christmas to all on this site from Sue and Ed......
  2. Coins I bought With 2021 Clad finds

    I cashed in my 2021 clad finds and went to a coin show this past Sunday. With that money i bought a pair of half cents, 1834 and 1854, plus a mint state 1941 Mercury dime. With money that I budget for my coin collection I bought an 1828 Capped Bust half Dollar, a 1936-S Bay Bridge Commemorative...
  3. Coins Bought With 2021 Coinstar Finds

    I cashed in my 2021 Coinstar clad finds and spent the money on some common date old coins at the latest coin show this past weekend. I kept the three silver coins the Coinstar machine gave up.
  4. Short Saturday Hunt

    On Saturday morning I spent two hours hunting a 1950's era schoolyard and was able to squeeze $4.40 in clad plus a 3.5 gram sterling silver ring out of the ground. The larger coin is a British 2 pence coin, one of many that pop up around here.
  5. 1787 Fugio Cent

    On Sunday, we hunted an old, no longer used football field that dates back to the 1950's. The old rusted goalposts and scoreboard still stand as does one set of rusted bleachers. We hunted for about two and a half hours and in that time we dug 75 clads with a face value of $10.23. About a half...
  6. Return Visit To Productive Sport Field

    This past Sunday, Sue and I returned for a second hunt at a sport field where the previous week we dug silver and gold. No precious metal this time but we did get 87 (and a half):laughing7: coins with a face value of $14.39. Both totals for the clads were nearly identical to the previous week's...
  7. Unusual Clad Find Has Me Stumped

    I dug what appeared to be three clad quarters in the same hole stuck together from being in the ground. They actually were stuck together with some kind of glue. After separating the coins I realized it was two clad quarters and part of another one all with holes drilled into them. I have no...
  8. Dateless Standing Liberty Quarter

    I got out for just over two hours this morning and hunted a site that has held flea markets since the early 1950's. I dug $5.04 in clad, a Bahamas 25 cent coin, and a dateless Standing Liberty Quarter. It's a type II and dateless so it was minted between 1917 and 1924.

    On Sunday, Sue and I spent just over two hours hunting a site that dates back to the 1930's. In that time we dug 88 clad coins with a face value of $14.86. About thirty minutes into the hunt I dug a 14K gold wedding band weighing 2.57 grams with a current melt value of just over $87. About ten...
  10. 1942 Steel Cent Pattern

    This was a pattern coin minted in 1942 to test the alloy used in the 1943 Steel Cents.

    On Sunday's hunt I dug a small thin Sterling silver ring weighing in at only 1.28 grams. Other than the usual .925 marking it also has additional letters and numbers.........P11 S 925 ALE48. I'm wondering if the ALE is the owner's initials and the 48 maybe the date of manufacture? The "S"...
  12. Coinstar Gives Up Big Silver

    A trip to the supermarket allowed me a look at the store's Coinstar machine and in the tray was a 1964 90% silver Kennedy half plus a 1943 Steel Cent.
  13. Old School Gives Up Two Silver Rings

    I hunted a school built in 1930 that was originally a high school but is now a middle school. I dug the usual clad coins...face value of $3.13 and a pair of sterling silver rings. The one with the 550 on it is from Mexico and the other is marked "ROMA" so I'm assuming it's from Italy. Total...
  14. Sunday Funnies Detecting Cartoon

    Detecting humor
  15. Unusual Dime

    Went out for a couple hours this morning at a park and didn't find a whole lot but dug this 1989 dime that someone turned into a piece of jewelry.
  16. Wartime Nickel In My Change

    After I got done detecting this morning I stopped for a coffee and muffin for the ride to work and got a nice looking 1943-P Wartime Nickel in my change.
  17. Spending Found Money At The Coin Show

    This past Sunday I went to the first coin show in the area since before the start of Covid. The Indian Head cents were bought with money I scooped out of Coinstar machines in 2020. The 1854 Large Cent, The 1926-S Oregon Trail Half Dollar, The 1927 Vermont Half Dollar and the 1936-S Arkansas Half...

    I haven't posted any finds for awhile and so to avoid just posting a few dollars of clad every time I go out I decided to just post finds at three month intervals. Hunts and finds this season are somewhat below normal due to hunt time being cut down by the weather, either too rainy or too hot to...
  19. Cat And Squirrel

    We had a visitor at our back door but our cat had him eyeballed the whole time.
  20. Still Going After 50 Years

    I bought this stapler in 1971 which makes it 50 years old. I bought it at W.T. Grant which was a chain of stores that opened in Lynn, Massachusetts in 1906. At their peak they had more than 500 stores but by the 1970's because of a lot more competition the number of stores dwindled until they...