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  1. Naturallly Occuring Formation OR Manmade Treasure Marker/Sign?

    I would pay attention to the trail in post #817 and any really BIG boulders off to the side of it. Can't see for certain much for positioned markers in any anything else. The current medium sized boulder in #817 I don't think is a marker though. But maybe. Look for tree markings as well, Like...
  2. Ancient Aztec/Myan, Spanish, and KGC trail.

    Heavy loads. Pack animal, as well as womb/ rebirth. They give birth to a box shaped baby, which also represents a vault or crypt underground. But yours could just be an attractor hoyo saying there's peepsites up there. If they aren't sabotaged. So hard to say, but it says to come up there one...
  3. Ancient Vaults, mines and crypts

    I might post a quik cellphone clip of a lesser crypt spot if I can upload it. I filmed a quite few of them over the last five years, some quite similar , several the same compass bearings from the peep hole (225/45 degrees, a quadrant). Not sure of the size reqs for uploading. Maybe I'll try to...
  4. Ancient ?

    Ha , noooo. But funny.
  5. Looking For Advice about Numbers/Letters carved on Stone

    And it could be an old surveyor's mark. Whatever else is carved on the rock, then "range 5 east". I wouldn't overlook anything . Bad or good. It's all part of what you do on these type places. Nothing is totally insignificant.
  6. Ancient Vaults, mines and crypts

    Ending up yanking the tooth, in the middle of the root canal he asked me what I wanted to do, it didn't look great, had a deep crack all the way down to root. We ending up yanking it out. After he pulled it, He asked me if I wanted to keep it, said some people like to keep theirs..... I...
  7. Looking For Advice about Numbers/Letters carved on Stone

    The very first picture on this thread, I saw a large grooved Number 5 with an E below it (shaped liked a backwards 3). Maybe 5 paces East.
  8. Looking For Advice about Numbers/Letters carved on Stone

    Could be 3 degrees off the east west, but it's generally -3 under. like 267/87 vs 273/93. but I guess it's who dunnit. Very hard to say a whole lot that is usable. I'm guessing/ your guessing , but I'm giving you some distances and bearings you didn't have before.
  9. Looking For Advice about Numbers/Letters carved on Stone

    Probably means 270/90, West/East if anything.. Not a perfectly straight crack. Sometimes a crack is pointer. Just guessing at this point, but better than nothing. East/West, small marker, under 99 feet. Probably varas, so 25 varas is 68.75 feet , 20 varas is 55 feet, 30 varas is 82.5 feet (all...
  10. Ancient Vaults, mines and crypts

    So they pop out the following spring after the fire. Check it every week or two. If you are the first one there, you will have a lot of extra mushrooms. Place them on screens or racks with a fan blowing under them for 24-48 hours and they will dry. Then Ziplock them and freeze them, they will...
  11. Ancient Vaults, mines and crypts

    Go to where a fire was last year this may or early june, depending on elevation. Higher elevation, later month. Keep going to the burn until they start to pop up. The morels blanket hatch pretty much. It's unbelievable until you see it for yourself. They pop up everywhere in the burn. There's so...
  12. Ancient Vaults, mines and crypts

    Oh and you mentioned driveway, don't do yard or landscaping mushrooms, they pick up all the toxic parts of the environment.
  13. Ancient Vaults, mines and crypts

    Maybe Puffball, My Dad used to eat them sliced up, I 've never tried them. The immature amanitas though can clone them when they are small before they umbrella out with the gills underneath, so you want a good sized one, that one "looks" ok. I wouldn't eat anything with gills, even the most...
  14. Looking For Advice about Numbers/Letters carved on Stone

    What's the closest compass bearing on the crackline running thru it? like 330/150 ? 300/120? 240/60? 270/180? If rock hasn't been moved.
  15. Ancient Vaults, mines and crypts

    Look at this monster, forgot the name of it, it turns blue inside when you cut it. Poisonous. Deadly can be very beautiful.
  16. Ancient Vaults, mines and crypts

    That's a nice picture of an amanita, I harvest alot of mushrooms, mainly morels in the spring, but have switched to fall edibles as well (chanterelles). And I take pictures of the non edibles sometimes. Some are huge..
  17. Ancient Vaults, mines and crypts

    So something I'll try to expand on , maybe refresh my own memory, is the shadow belief. So The Egyptians believed in the duality of things. The shadow had life. Dark/light, they liked opposites and the mirror of things. They believed a Pharaoh walked in the shadow of Gods. They believed the...
  18. Ancient Vaults, mines and crypts

    Not that I know of or have seen. There's a lot of lichen "painted" stuff out there, I don't know who did it, but it's much smaller in scale to the huge shadow stuff. But sun/shadow stuff goes down to hand size as well.
  19. Ancient Vaults, mines and crypts

    So I'll talk about why the shadow usage next. There is a reason , and it is a belief system.
  20. Ancient Vaults, mines and crypts

    One quik note, they liked certain days of the year for first sunlight / afternoon shadows. If it's due west , it might be a "Beltane" type site, which is Celtic, and May 1-5 is the time you would look at these in the afternoon, specifically about 5 pm pacific time, when the sun is due west in...